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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A new drug called Flakka

Jose Alejandrino

A new drug called Flakka is spreading throughout the United States. It is cheap and very profitable for drug dealers. It is coming from China exported by the Triad.

This demonic drug has many side effects. It is replacing heroine and cocaine in the US. Its chief side effect is it gives superhuman strength requiring six police officers to subdue an individual affected by the drug. The individual becomes extremely violent.

I expect this drug to hit the countries of SE Asia, including the Philippines. This is why we need to break the distribution network of drugs. Customs must also be on the watch against smuggling.

The American authorities have already started warning the public about Flakka and its deadly effects. They have asked China to help. The Chinese authorities have banned its export but the Triad has a wide network to smuggle it out by trucks through the Burma road and then load it on ship. It can also be ordered online by mail. The producers of Flakka promised to replace each Flakka that is intercepted by local government authorities.

Flakka is much deadlier than shabu. If it spreads in the Philippines, its people will be in mortal danger.

Please share to everybody. I hope the mainstream and social media will diffuse the terrible effects of this drug.

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