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Monday, August 28, 2017

#JusticeForKian campaign outed as a sham after Duterte meeting with Kian’s parents

Kian delos Santos’s grieving parents somehow found some consolation following their meeting with President Duterte.

Suffice to say, news that that the parents of the late Kian delos Santos, Saldy and Lorenza, met with President Rodrigo Duterte in Malacanang knocked the wind right out of the sails of an Opposition campaign to demonise the Philippine leader. A tweet fielded by a certain JR Castillo encapsulates the collective dismay of a clique of “activists” who had hoped to turn Kian into the next epicentre of their sick tradition of necropolitics
See what the govt did today? They took the rallying point of our cause to their side.
Sorry, it seems we were a bit slow to get the memo… again. The Yellowtards own not only Twitter, but, as it turns out, also Kian delos Santos and his entire family. Indeed, no less than Philippine Senator Risa Hontiveros took this notion to heart last week when she took it upon herself to take delos Santos’s kin, which included minors, into custody. Even more shocking, Hontiveros did so in the name of her Senate office.
With no less than a Philippine Senator seemingly violating the law to further a political agenda (Hontiveros’s stunt may expose her to charges of illegal detention and withholding evidence from the police), it is hardly surprising that some members of the Opposition — specifically those aligned with the Liberal Party (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) think the way they do. A clique of “activists” who presume to own something or someone they had all but turned into a political artefact would, of course be hopping mad.
And hopping mad they are. Within minutes of the news and photos of the meeting breaking, Yellowtards were on a rampage to smear the parents of their once holy posterboy. They presumed to judge the intentions of grieving parents who, understandably, would go to some lengths to assuage their pain. One of them quipped on Twitter: “As a parent I can’t possibly sit next [to] persons that ordered, enabled, supported [the] system that killed my son.” It seems that, to Yellowtards, the wishes of grieving parents don’t matter. Only the political ascendancy of their Yellow cult is important to them. It’s now evident that the Yellows were just using Kian’s death to bring Duterte down. They should have been happy for his parents that they had found comfort in Malacanang (or, for that matter, anywhere or any way) at their time of grief. Instead, they judged them harshly.
This PR coup should serve as a lesson to the Liberal Party and their Yellowtard minions. They should put an end to their habitual use of dead people as foundation for their tired old causes. They need to come up with real visions and policy frameworks to support these visions. Merely heckling the incumbent and plotting coup d’etats and other extrajudicialmeans to change leadership will not contribute to Filipinos’ efforts to build a strong nation. The outrage the Yellowtards have been expressing over Duterte’s meeting with the delos Santoses proves that, to them, it was never really about seeking justice for Kian. It was really all about seizing power.
One’s gotta ask how much longer the broader Philippine Opposition will continue to put up with the Yellowtards and their sick tradition of necropolitics. The Yellowtards are doing irreparable damage to their position and need to be ditched, pronto. They are a stinking lumbering dinosaur that is way past its use-by date and, quite simply, needs to undergo an expedited political extinction — for the sake of the country.

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