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Friday, August 25, 2017

Utter rubbish.

By Nigel Locke

Once again I would like to point out the blatant lies of the international media for those not living in the Philippines.

"Nationwide revolt"? "Sparks outrage"?"Galvanized the Philippines against the brutal war on drugs"?

Utter rubbish.

While many are sad that a young, alleged drug runner was killed and the circumstances are not yet clear, the case is being fully investigated. If the police officers did wrong they will be punished. Duterte has promised this.

Yes, there have been a number of deaths in the illegal drug community, and the rest of the country feels safer, and is safer for it. The crime rate, including killings has gone down under this President.

As for this revolt, the opposition and their allies in the Catholic Church called for a revolution, scheduled for the 21st August, Ninoy Aquino, the traitor day. Oddly enough, the day before Telegraph printed this drivel. 

So who was "galvanized" to seize power by revolution at the prescribed place, the EDSA shrine, just 200 people at most. Hardly a nationwide revolt.

What IS true is the the opposition Liberal Party, rejected in most part in the last election, will use anything and anyone, true or false in their vain attempts to regain power, despite the will of the people.

The whole thing is a smokescreen from the most important issue of the day. The Election Commissioner who has been outed has having huge, unexplained wealth, which would certainly explain many of the incongruities in the last election, namely that ANY Liberal Party Senators won seats and especially the election of a LP vice president, in the last hours of counting, overturning a day of her being behind. The circumstances are complex and very suspicious. 

At long last a recount is being organised. 

The Telegraph should be ashamed to publish such uninformed, misleading garbage which has obviously been spoon fed to them by the Liberal Party...again.

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