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Sunday, August 27, 2017


By Jenifer Aquino

I used to enjoy Sunday masses. I grew up making sure I attended mass with or without anyone with me. I was educated in a Catholic school where the nuns were strict but they taught us to think and never be scared to question anything. "For it is in questioning things that we learn things." they told us.

So I ask now. There is a separation of Church and State. It is clear in the Constitution. Yet you meddle in almost everything. EVERYTHING. Even the solemnity of our bedrooms. A marriage is between the husband, the wife and God. You are NOT God so please, stop preaching to couples about the eternal dangers of taking contraceptives or using condoms.

Jesus said "Give unto Caesar what is due Caesar." so how come you don't pay taxes like the rest of us?

Nothing has changed since the time of Padre Damaso. Not a single thing. You have the nerve to meddle with government policies but your hackles go up the minute government meddles in yours. Your priest got caught with a 13 year old in a motel and all of the sudden, pastoral letters were "begging" parishioners not to 'aggravate' the situation? So much for your vows of celibacy. Hypocrites.

You demand for luxury vehicles from Mayors or Congressmen or Governors, live in wonderful houses, drive around in luxury cars [I know someone who drives a sporty Toyota] yet don't you have a vow of poverty?

And you wonder why the number of people attending mass and being physically present inside a church is dwindling?

People go to Church to PRAY, to COMMUNE with GOD. They go to reflect on the teachings of Christ. They look for resolution to whatever spiritual battle they're going through. And here comes father preaching about the government, about corruption, about killings, about this, about that. You've forgotten why and what being a priest is about. People need the Lord, they don't need your bullshit.

Jesus said - Go and tend to my flock. He didn't say go and fuck the flock.

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