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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Trillanes Threated to do EVERYTHING IT TAKES for Duterte Administration's fall; Terrorist attack mastermind!

An informative video was created by a certain "Mr. Riyoh" discussing the second part of the threats which were stated by Senator Trillanes, a failure in both military and the Senate. Yes that's true.

In the video, Trillanes left a threat about something that will happen, something wherein no one can control the outcome. What could it be?

"Ngayon, dahil pinagtatakpan, mapupuna na lang tayo sa ibang modes kung papano lalabas itong katotohanan na ito. So, sa mga ganung paraan, hindi na nila makokontrol kung ano man ang outcome. Maraming paraan. ABANGAN NA LANG NILA," Trillanes said in a media interview as shown in the video.

Watch the video;

Mr Riyoh stated that the things Trillanes were talking about when he said "pinagtatakpan" were the so-called facts that President Rodrigo Duterte is a dictator, bad leader, human rights abuser, abuses power and authority, he's behind the extra judicial killings and he's the mastermind of the Davao Death Squad. He also pointed out that it's only common sense that those were the things Trillanes was trying to point out.

They will do anything in order for the "truth" to prevail by using their dirty tactics. But how on earth will they do it?

From the video creator's point of view, the first phase of their duty tactics is through terrorist attacks and that is what exactly happen to Marawi City where armed militants of the Maute terror group attacked the city, took hostages, burned buildings and killed both Muslim and Christian people.

This is the first part of their plans to "reveal the truths" they were talking about.

They wanted the president to appear as a dictator for they know that he will declare martial law in Marawi City but little did they know that the president is just too wise for them to handle. Instead of limiting marital law to Marawi City only, he placed the entire island of Mindanao under martial law.

What's their next move after martial law is declared?

Protesters against martial law will then rally, telling the president to withdraw his declaration. These protesters are more likely to be paid to protest b the opposition groups and organizations such as UP students/personnels, Kadamay and other for hire groups from Luzon.

If you think about it, the protesters are from LUZON. Mindanaoans are not even going against the proclamation so why the heck are these Luzon people protesting against when they're not the ones affected by martial law. Their so-called "concern" is kinda dumb.

Aside from the hired and dumb protesters, there's also the media to back them up, exaggerating and making every single news report worse than the actual situations. While the two aforementioned are ruining the peace in the country, Trillanes whom Mr. Riyoh referred to as "a song kahol ng kahol" will do his job by discrediting the president over and over again.

For the phase, it's time to discredit martial law. How?

This is where the opposition's hired criminals comes in and they may also use the Magdalo to create abuses against human's rights. The Magdalo may hire people who will disguise as government soldiers to rape, kill and torture helpless civilians in which they'll direct all the blame to Duterte.

As we all know, media organizations from both international and local sector will back it up.

By successfully executing their plans, they'll be able to prove that the president is a human rights abuser, that there was really a Davao Death Squad and extra judicial killings.

International justice courts will then butt in to accuse the president of being unfit to be a leader. Once Duterte is totally discredited by their plans, US will then have a reason to interfere just like what they did to Saddam Husein, Muammar Gaddafi and Bashar al-Assad of Syria.

Why for those who worship America, why would US do such thing?

Simply because the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is NOT THEIR PUPPET. Because US could not control the current president. they'll do anything for his fall.

Again, why do they have to plot the president's fall?

Because the Philippines plays a HUGE ROLE in America's plans against China. They'll use the country as a war base, placing all their arm machineries for war. US will make us believe that they are protecting the country from China but the truth is they will just take the Philippine land for their own purposes, worst part is that the country will become their battle ground. Goodbye Philippines.

But unfortunately, this is impossible to happen since President Duterte is not their puppet.

Before, the President predicted that ISIS will infiltrate the country because CIA is targeting him.

President Duterte already did his first step in order to prevent this from happening and that is allying to China and Russia. He already knows what US want and he is also aware that th elites and CIA are planning to assassinate him.

Second step is to declare martial law NATIONWIDE.

Martial law will be a way to imprison and get rid of these Opposition trashes from ruining the country. Until they exist and powerful, they'll be the ones to plot more destruction in the Philippines from violent protests to evil terrorist attacks.


Mr. Riyoh is a "Mr. Riyoh Duterte supporter since 2015 before Mayor DUTERTE run for Presidency". He's a Filipino OFW in Saudi Arabia.


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