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Saturday, June 24, 2017


By Jose Alejandrino

Everyday we are fed so much bullshit by the Opposition and mainstream media.

Take the president's rejection of the 250-million euro aid from the EU which had strings attached to it. The Opposition tells us it was a mistake and that it would stop the flow of European investments here. Of course the Opposition is mad. Of the 250-million, 95-million was to go to "good governance and human rights" according to the EU ambassador. That kind of money would have strengthened the LP's and Chito Gascon's CHR hands in destabilizing the government as we saw by the surprise visit of Agnes Callamard. Good governance by EU standard would have required us to drop the death penalty. It would have required us to go slow on the war against illegal drugs.

President Duterte is no fool. He immediately saw the implications of the conditionalities being imposed. He was right to reject the aid.

Stop the flow of European investments? Again, another bullshit. Investors, European or otherwise, invest their money where opportunities knock. They only care about return on investments. They don't follow what their governments say.

I returned from London and Paris not long ago where I met with businessmen there. They are interested in investing here and wanted to know the ground rules. They are dismayed at what is happening in their country and some even expressed their admiration for Duterte wishing they had one.

I gave them the ground rules under the Duterte dispensation. No bribery, no intracorporate scams, pay taxes correctly, no meddling in internal politics, I said. They said those were reasonable.

They are looking to Asia because of worries in other parts of the world by my assessment. The US is deeply divided, Washington is in turmoil. Brazil and Venezuela, two major Latin American countries, are in a mess and immersed in political instability.

Europe is confused and weak. The Brits are going for Brexit. France recently elected a middle roader president who is facing a divided French nation with an unemployment rate of ten percent. If his economic policies don't take off, Emmanuel Macron will become another Francois Hollande. Italy, the fourth largest economy, has a new government that still has to get the country out of its doldrums. Spain, according to the police chief in Madrid who visited me, said the socialist and right-wing coalition governing the country is deadlocked. They cannot agree on priorities. The southeastern European countries have closed their border to immigration because they can no longer afford its horrendous social costs. Greece, totally bankrupt, is a lost case. Only Germany is holding the fort, but for how long?

And the European Union has the nerve to lecture Duterte on how to solve our problems?

Excessive liberalism is what brought America and Europe to their woes. They lost their sense of balance. Now Westeners are telling us how to be like them. Protect the rights of criminals, they say, forgetting that their victims and law-abiding citizens also have rights. Rehab drug addicts, they say, without offering aid for their rehab but instead provide money to those who destabilize our government with exaggerated claims of human rights violations. When addicts are brought to court, their lawyers plead insanity for them arguing their client didn't know what he was doing when he was killing or raping someone. So the court has no choice but to release them. Now how do you rehab someone who by his own pleading is insane? You have to be insane to claim you can rehab an insane.

So much bullshit, no wonder the West is declining, spiritually and economically. The Founding Fathers of America built their nation on the Bible which for a long time was the only book they had. They escaped the Old World because of religious persecution to build a New World. The settlers who opened the West carried the Bible. They taught it in schools. They preached the Puritan and Calvinist ethics of honesty, thrift, and hard work. Today, liberals in the US Supreme Court banned the Bible from schools. It was God-fearing men and women who built America. They emblazoned it on the silver dollar where it says, "In God We Trust." Those values were eroded by excessive liberalism. The day America forgot God was the day America began its decline.

Same with Europe. Its major countries were once Defenders of the Faith. No more. Fewer and fewer Europeans worship God. Churches are empty. Even the Vatican is divided. Bishops pay lip service to the Pope. Some are even horrified by his pronouncements.

Westeners want to teach us Easteners, us Asians, their brand of liberalism. I was educated in liberal schools in Europe and America. I nearly became an agnostic. Thank God I remembered my roots. They became my saving grace.

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