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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Must Watch: Senator Trillanes to Sue BBC For A Destructive Interview with Stephen Sackur

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MANILA- Philippines Senator Antonio Trillanes says he going to file a lawsuit against British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) for a recent interview he had with Stephen Sackur of ‘Hardtalk.’

During that live interview, a video of which has now gone viral across the globe, Sackur pulverized every comment and response Trillanes made regarding questions about the Philippines and President Rodrigo Duterte.

See Full Interview:

The wide-ranging interview covered topics from Martial Law, to Coups to Crystal Meth (which Trillanes seemed to have mistaken to be marijuana.)

“BBC is nothing but fake news,” Trillanes said, “and they must have been paid by Duterte supporters to have me insulted over and over by Sackur.”

Since Trillanes cannot sue Sackur because the latter is not a Filipino citizen, the senator says he will fly to The Hague to file his complaint before the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Filipino netizens were so grateful for Stephen Sackur who exposed Sen. Trillanes in the international community showing despite the face there is NO Duterte propaganda machine, only a motley crew of patriotic, hopeful Filipinos who see Duterte's vision  and appreciates it. 

Senator Trillaes just can't handle the fact that his own propaganda machine against Duterte is now working despiute the fact that they have poured so much money to run it to no avail. 

Veteran BBC host Stephen Sackur got accolades and commendations from the online Filipino community particularly to all Pro-Duterte.


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