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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Trillanes Plans to Request Google, Facebook to Delete BBC Interview With Stephen Sackur (Video) Must Watch!

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is planning to request Google and Facebook to delete the video of his interview with BBC's HARDtalk host Stephen Sackur last Wednesday, June 21 on their respective platforms. This is after he felt that the said interview could ruin his reputation, and that the host was biased against him. Watch the full interview video below.

In that BBC interview with Stephen Sackur, Sen. Trillanes was asked if he thinks that his negative comments against President Rodrigo Duterte were "out of tune with ordinary Filipino opinion." The HARDtalk host then pointed that the president had 75 percent approval rating despite strong objections of his critics in his intensified war against drugs.

"Believe me, Senator... If a Western politician had a 75% approval rating, they would regard that as the best day of their life.” Sackur told Trillanes. However, the latter said that the bulk of Filipinos people are not really aware of what is happening on the ground, and that he believes the figure will drop once the public will know the real situation.

Sackur then reminded Sen. Trillanes of his two failed coup attempts against then-president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, in 2003 and in 2007. He then asked the senator if another coup attempt is a solution against President Duterte. Trillanes said, "No," and that filing a case against him the president at the ICC (International Criminal Court) is a better solution.

But as a summary, tons of Filipinos who watched the controversial BBC interview said they believed that Stephen Sackur strongly disagrees with Sen. Trillanes. For this reason, the anti-Duterte senator is now being heavily mocked on social media. This then led him in planning to request Google and Facebook to take down the devastating video interview.

“Yes, I've been thinking about that lately. I really felt humiliated in that interview, and Filipinos who have watched it might think I'm stupid. Another problem here is that the host sounds like another Duterte troll.” Sen. Trillanes told reporters when asked about his thoughts after the BBC interview, adding that he also plans to sue the host, Stephen Sackur.

Here is the Full Interview of Trillianes on BBC News


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