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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Resort World incident:

Resorts world facts (para sa mga tanga)
1. It wasnt isis. Boohoo conspiracy theorists
2. There were 2 gunmen, both 6 feet tall. Very likely to be foreign. Only ONE was violent
3. They didnt shoot at people. They stole 130m worth of chips, set fires to tables, shot a large monitor
4. The people went on a stampede. Broke windows to escape, jumped from the 2nd floor. This is where the injuries came from
5. The 2nd floor casino is for the VIPs and high rollers. Possibly an inside job knowing how tight security is based from people that work there. Casinos are highly secured compared to your typical establishment
6. The place is on lockdown. No exit or entry up to 3 blocks away
7. The robbers are dead. It wasnt isis. It wasnt dudut's fault. Though, feel free to go on about your intelligent and fantastical political theories. Because apart from actually worrying about the people who were directly affected, you have nothing better to do but think of bad things to happen
Yeah, always on the lookout for something/someone to blame. Rather than, you know, actually looking for a solution. Fucking political theorists 😄
8. At least 30 people found dead. All by suffocation due to the stampede, not by the shooting. Rest In Peace brothers and sisters
9. (how the gunman died) he doused himself in gasoline and set himself on fire. He literally went down in flames
10. The gunman, also a VIP Highroller (which prolly what granted him access to the VIP floor which is 2F), recently lost 100m. This was his attempt to win back those losses

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