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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Must Watch: World Largest Broadcaster Proves That President Duterte Is Right On EJK & War On Drugs (Video)

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), the oldest national broadcaster in the world, revealed on their documentary that President Duterte's War on Drugs works fine in the Philippines and the one who are doing the EJKs are the people affected of the said campaign or the drug lords in the Philippines.

Though Philippine President Rody Duterte is always portrayed by the international media as the bad guy on his "War on Drugs" and his involvement in alleged "Extra-judicial Killings" EJK, a recent documentary of the BBC proved that the President is right on his assumptions that the drug operators were behind EJK.

Filipinos praised the documentary of the BBC about Pres. Rody Duterte's War on Drugs as the news agency documented the most accurate image of the Philippine President on his efforts to curb the country's problem of illegal drugs.

BBC interviewed different people from all walks of life including the alleged and self-confessed assassins, policemen and ordinary people to express their different beliefs on the war waged not only by Pres. Duterte but the entire Filipino nation.

The BBC also showcased how "Oplan Tokhang" was properly implemented and conducted by police authorities. Despite the numerous killings happening due to the war on drugs, BBC highlighted that most Filipinos trusted the Duterte admin whom they believe can do each job and heal the problems of drug in the Philippines.


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