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Saturday, June 24, 2017


By Jose Alejandrino
Hontiveros has a distorted sense of the law and freedom of speech.
Freedom of speech is not absolute. When you condone terrorism, encourage it and give aid and comfort to terrorists whose avowed aim, as in the case of the ISIS-affiliated Maute terrorists, is to establish a separate Islamic Caliphate in Marawi with Hapilon as its Emir, then those are not covered by free speech. And when you hold a responsible position like senator, what you declare publicly is even more serious.
When by your words you encourage terrorism that destroys a nation's values, traditions, culture, religious beliefs, that in my book is high treason.
When by your words you encourage terrorism that leads to the loss of lives, whether civilian, police, or military, that in my book is criminal.
Hontiveros claims to champion human rights. How can she condone terrorists who violate human rights like the beheading of Christians and killing of civilians, the kidnapping of priests and rape of nuns? How can she justify the burning of churches and desecration of religious objects? How can she compare terrorists to patriots?
Risa Hontiveros, like her LP cohorts who protect terrorists and druglords, has been taken by Satan. That is the only explanation. They want to destroy the State which they are constitutionally bound to protect. Isn't that the same objective of Satan?
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