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Friday, June 23, 2017

BBC host Stephen Sackur tweets: Unleashing deadly force in ‘war on drugs’ is a vote winner

After his viral interview with senator Antonio Trillanes IV, BBC HARDTalk host Stephen Sackur became famous in the Philippines and he gained many Filipino fans for his fair reporting about President Rodrigo Duterte.
After the interview, Stephen Sackur tweeted about his thoughts on ‘war against illegal drugs’ of the Duterte administration.
In his tweet, he noticed the popularity of President Rodrigo Duterte on social media and he thinks that the war on drugs of President Rodrigo Duterte was favored by the people of the Philippines.
“A lot of love for #Duterte here on Twitter. Seems unleashing deadly force in ‘war on drugs’ is a vote winner. For now. @BBCHARDtalk” Stephen Sackur tweeted
Netizens who watched the interview also gave their opinions about the interview of Sackur to Trillanes.

Angel Abella @anyabelle was reliefed after watching the interview of senator Trillanes and called him a ‘fraud’
Jay Gumanid @gumanidjay, tweeted that he laughed so much when the Filipino senator’s alleged mistake during the interview with Sackur.
During the interview, Sackur asked Trillanes about his ideology and when the BBC host asked if the Filipino senator was a democrat,he answered that he belonged to the Nationalista Party.
BBMarcos @Fitch1124 believed that the BBC host looked at the bigger picture:
Bbciocson @bciocson praised the BBC host and called him a ‘true journalist’ and thanked him for the fair interview with senator Trillanes.
Carlo Fernandez Breu @carolinelovesjc told Sackur that he forgot the mention that senator Trillanes asked Duterte before the election period if he wanted to become his tandem on the Presidential election.
jenwilson @alyssayanna requested the BBC host to interview senator Risa Hontiveros who is an ally of senator Trillanes and also a critic of President Duterte.

Verence Desamito @verencedesamito, thanked Sackur for his unbiased interview and for exposing senator Trillanes ‘ignorance’

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