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Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Yellowtards’ OBSOLETE fear and loathing of the Philippine military

Yellowtards have become a confused lot. The root cause of this confusion is their long-obsolete Laban (“fight”) rhetoric which remains the primary pillar of their ideology. To Yellowtards, everything is a “fight” against the Establishment. Even when they are in power, most recently under former President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III, they still see themselves as “fighting” against some sort of dark opperessive force. For the average Yellowtard, this dark oppressive force comes in the form of the Martial Law spectre.
Because, to the Yellowtard brain, Martial Law = Military Rule, it follows (to them) that Martial Law as “evil” translates to Military = EVIL.
We saw the fatal consequences of this thinking in 2015 when President BS Aquino’s ill regard for the Philippine military led to the massacre of 44 Special Action Force (SAF) police officers in the hands of terrorist elements of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. BS Aquino’s regard for the military, coloured by years of Yellowtard indoctrination growing up with his family and friends, was likely the reason why he left the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) out of the loop during the planning of that ill-fated mission and why, even as desperate cries for support from cornered SAF troops crackled back and forth as they came under fire, Aquino remained adamant in keeping them out of the loop.
In short, the AFP and everything it stands for is anathema to Yellowtard ideology. The military is the enemy in the Yellowtard Laban doctrine.
That sort of thinking among Yellowtards remains consistent today even as the role of the military in the defense of the nation against increasingly organised and increasingly well-funded Islamic terrorism transitions from being merely essential to being absolutely critical. Rather than get behind a national resolve to crush Islamic terrorism in Mindanao, Yellowtards are, instead, busy shrieking about the Martial Law bogeyman of yore.
It is getting to the point where the Yellowtards’ irrational hate of the military can be regarded as a serious national security issue.
The last thing our boys need as they go off to kill terrorists in Mindanao is a campaign to vilify their command. Taking a city back from the enemy street-by-street is counted as among the bloodiest sorts of battles a soldier could face in his career. And as the fighting drags on from days, into weeks, into months, troop morale becomes even more important. Indeed, history shows that the governments of countries at war invest a lot in ensuring the public is behind the war. A Yellowtard clique that undermines that effort at every step is counterproductive to that effort and, in the front lines, can be all but fatal.
The only real steps Yellowtards can take to free their minds from the shackles of an utterly obsolete ideology is to shed the cognitive baggage they apply when evaluating the situation we face and the measures the government is taking to respond to it. They can start with the biggest sack of shit of all — the irrational fear of Martial Law they drag into every “debate”.
[Photo courtesy Asia Times.]

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