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Monday, June 5, 2017

Rappler endangers military operations

Rapper published an article "WATCH: A most daring story of escape in Marawi" where their news reporter Carmela Fonbuena covered the escape of Marawi residents through the Agus River which gave away location points of Islamic State of Syria and Iraq (ISIS) troops and government forces.

Canadian political scientist Amir Assadollahi raged about Rapper's report saying that by revealing hideouts and location points of both terrorists and friendlies, it has endangered military operations.

Assadollahi pointed out that terrorist groups may change locations or military activities may be monitored by the enemy if information of their location are publicized.

It would not only be disadvantageous for the military, but threatens the lives of civilians and the national security.

The political analyst emphasized that the military had asked media outlets not to post information, written or visual, that could put military strategy in peril.

In his full post on Facebook, Assadollahi said,

"I find Rappler is endangering the military operations by not passing the information of the terrorist movements and location as well as the troops movements and put the national security in danger.

You can't simply give the location of the terrorists on open air and social media - they would change their location. You can't release the location of the troops and military activities as if it is just a news. You have to wait few days and pass the videos and interviews through some kind of military communication office before airing it, and all the faces, names and locations that could compromise the anti-terror military operations and the safety of the soldiers, civilians and put the national security in danger.

You dumb a$$, this is not a game. You are putting the lives of many people in danger. Your military asked you not to use social media and news to post videos and photos that could compromise the military operations.

Those rescued civilians must have been briefed on not to talk about things and those journalist must have had the two cents commonsense not to air this video and at least put a logo or something that showed the approval of military intelligence section, so that the viewers would know that the safety of no one was put in danger by reporting it.

Rappler, ABS-CBN. GAIA, Philippine Star, Inquirer and CNN Philippines are such a disappointment - and lack journalistic commonsense integrity that they must have.

Amir Assadollahi
A Canadian Political Scientist / Commentator (just in case that name clouded the judgment of some readers!)"


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