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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The TRUTH has become an annoying inconvenience for Leni Robredo

This war in cyberspace is getting nasty, and the vitriol is being thrown in all directions.

Those severely affected or feel threatened by sordid revelations, or are sucked in fiery debates that transgress imposed or acquired values, are copping out instead of holding their ground. 

Blocking, deleting, or mass reporting are now the weapons of choice, which is actually convenient given how unbearable and toxic the discourse has become.

Truth is becoming inconvenient. It is becoming discomforting. And the end result is that it is splitting into alternatives. Your truth against mine. Which is which?

On a personal note, I maintain a policy of openness and as my FB page is public, everyone is welcome to comment, regardless of political affiliation.

I have a big tolerance for dissent, and one can be rude, condescending, righteous, malicious, salacious, virtuous, patronizing, sanctimonious, arrogant or whatever it is one feels upon reading my posts. Feel free to bash or to gush, to praise or to curse, to deride or decry... again, whatever floats your boat.

You all have that right. Guaranteed.

In the same way I have that same exact right to get back at you.

Of course it has its trepidation and dangers. Absolute can either elevate or degenerate. It can amplify but it also can discombobulate. It can engender new friendships or following, but it can also destroy long held relationships.

And in the free flow, you either get enlightened, or you get lost.

At the end of the day, it will boil down to your choice.

Yours alone.

And that my dear friends, is free speech.

Mark Lopez as posted on Facebook.


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