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Monday, March 6, 2017

Senate Lascanas and Motabato Show an LP ploy to create more ammo for int'l media vs Duterte

I think Lascanas really did have a murder-for-hire racket going on with Matobato. So all those murders he said he committed are most probably true. The question is, did Duterte order those murders? Can it be proven that he ordered them?

Not likely. Those charges against Duterte have been around for thirty years and no one has been able to prove them. It's not likely they can be proven now. And it doesn't matter, because that's not the real goal of the Liberal Party. The real goal of the LP-sponsored Lascanas/Matobato Show at the Senate is to produce new anti-Duterte content for the international media. Why do you think the "diary" of Lascanas is in perfect English with not a single Tagalog or Bisaya word in it?

What the LP doesn't realize is that no matter what Lascanas says, it won't change people's minds about Duterte. If anything, Lascanas's berdugo stories will just strengthen Duterte's legend as the Punisher. Most people I know voted for Duterte because he was willing to spill blood to clean up the country. That set him apart from the wimps and softies like Mar Roxas and Grace Poe.

The LP may get their fresh helping of anti-Duterte stories in the international press, but the propaganda is only working on one side of the world. In Asia and Latin America, where people face harsher realities compared to the pampered citizens of the US and Europe, Duterte is building a strong following. As Duterte said during the campaign, you can't be president if you can't kill. Unfortunately for the yellows, people have shown by voting overwhelmingly for Duterte that they can live with that.

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