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Sunday, March 5, 2017

“Jueteng,Building, Drugs, Jesse Robredo’s true image, Emil Aguinaldo” Netizen shocked by #NagaLeaks exposé

Part one of the #NagaLeaks was published by the blog We Are Collective Friday and exposed the alleged illegal connections and corruption that the Robredo’s did when they were still serving in Naga City.
The blog said that they got the information from the most trusted sources and fact-checked it carefully to preserve the credibility of the exposé
Only the Part one of the exposé was published by the blog but it already reached 30,000 characters.
It’s about the Robredo family, their life in politics, alleged connections in Jueteng, Illegal Drugs.
The summary of the #NagaLeaks part 1 that published by “We Are Collective” was also posted on their fan page for lazy readers that wanted to know the newest exposé about the Robredo Family.

Alleged Jueteng Connections:

According to the chapter 1 and 2, the late former Naga City Mayor Jesse Robredo and the former Congressman Luis Villafuerte are relatives, but they became political enemies because of competition in Jueteng Business in Naga City.
Jesse’s claims about the reason why the Robredos and Villafuerte became enemies was also debunked by the blog. They claimed that Jesse didn’t stopped the Jueteng business in Naga and he only passed the monopoly to the Mercado family which a family friend of the Robredos.

Jesse Robredo’s true image:

The blog also claimed that the image that every Filipino knew about Jesse Robredo was only part of their PR Strategy to boost their popularity to the masses.
The blog wrote:
Ang imahe ni Jesse bilang isang simple at makamasang mayor ay produkto ng isang deliberate PR strategy, na naperfect nya dahil magaling sya magdala at medyo orihinal ang diskarte nya na yun sa Naga. Ang pagsusuot ng shorts, tsinelas, pagsisilbing bumbero tuwing may sunog at pagwawalis sa kalye tuwing may bagyo ay bahagi ng perception engineering strategy na ito. Naging “BRAND” ni Jesse Robredo ang pagsusuot ng tsinelas at pagsasakay sa bus.
They revealed that Jesse Robredo used a dummy to hide his properties and businesses and they mentioned former Dayangdang Barangay Captain William Del Rosario as one of the dummies of the Robredos that also became a city councilor of Naga.
The blog claimed that Jesse Robredo created a big PR Machinery consisted of his journalist friends like Gaby Bordado, Willy Prilles, Joe Perez, Frank Mendoza et al.
They were responsible for many awards given to Jesse Robredo that made him more popular.
Gabby Bordado allegedly asked $50,000 from the cash received by Jesse Robredo from the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award. But Jesse only gave a free trip to Hongkong that anger the wife of Bordado.

Emil Aguinaldo

Emil Aguinaldo:

The blog also revealed the true identity of “Emil” that they posted yesterday.
According to their claims, Emil Aguinaldo was a former councilor and ally of Jesse Robredo, but became political enemies after he discovered the alleged corruption committed by the City Government of Naga.
Because of that Jesse Robredo removed Aguinaldo and destroyed the former councilor’s political career.
But Emil didn’t stopped and became a vocal critic of Jesse Robredo, he filed 50+ graft cases against Jesse Robredo in the office of the Ombudsman.
Aguinaldo exposed the connections of Robredo in the Jueteng Business and the Payolas that the former Naga City Mayor received from the Jueteng Lord.
On 2008, Emil who travelled to Manila to check the cases that he filed against Robredo but after that he never seen again and the authorities didn’t found him anymore.
It also revealed that Jesse allegedly protected a hitman known as “Totoy Ona” that became immune from arrest during the term of Robredo.

Lansbergh Place

A Building in Tomas Morato allegedly owned by the Robredos.

The blog also claimed that the Robredos owned a tall building in Tomas Morato where the apartment of Jesse Robredo also located.
They believed that Emil Aguinaldo was silenced because he carried an evidence that would prove that the Robredos owned the building and only used the name of his alleged dummy Rodolfo Guinhawa to hide his property from his SALN.

(TOP)  Chinglo Rosales  (BELOW) Jackpot Rosales and Jesse Robredo 

The alleged drug business Jackpot Rosales, Fiel Rosales and Chinglo Rosales in Naga City.

The blog also exposed the alleged connection of Jesse Robredo in illegal drug business.
They wrote that Naga City Councilor Fiel Rosales, a personnel of Jessie Robredo operated illegal drug business in Naga City.
Jesse Robredo tolerated the illegal activities committed by Fiel Rosales according to the blog.
They also mentioned the Victor Lorenzo “Chinglo” Rosales, a known drug lord and one of the most wanted criminals in Camarines Sur.
Chinglo is the brother of Raoul Jackpot Rosales who was the former Barangay Chairman of Balatas.
Even people knew that Jackpot Rosales was closely connected to a drug lord, Jesse still pushed him to run and became a city councilor of Naga.
After winning the election, Jackpot Rosales became the presiding officer of Naga City Dagerous Drugs Board despite of the fact that his brother was a drug lord.
Fiel Rosales surrendered to the authorities when President Rodrigo Duterte declared war against illegal drugs.

Reactions of the Netizens:

The story published by We Are Collective got a mixed reactions from the Netizens.
They were shocked by the new disclosures about the Robredo family and they didn’t expected that even a Ramon Magsaysay awardee allegedly tolerated illegal businesses in his city.
But some people who supported Robredo questioned the credibility of the blog and challenged the people behind it to reveal their identities.
We Are Collective is still not announcing when they will publish the part two of the exposé

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