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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

De Lima is Philippines’ public enemy number 1 – Solicitor General

Amid the government’s all-out war on illegal drugs, the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) on Monday said that former Justice Secretary and now Senator Leila De Lima is country’s public enemy no. 1 due to her alleged involvement in the proliferation of illegal drugs in the country. The Solicitor General is the principal law officer and legal defender of the Republic of the Philippines.

”Ang drugs is our enemy and who is espousing the proliferation of drugs? Di ba si former SOJ (Secretary of Justice) De Lima and therefore she is public enemy no.1,” Solicitor General Jose Calida told reporters during the launching of the Coalition Against Illegal Drugs (COIL) in Manila.

The COIL is composed of VACC, Republic Defenders, Citizens Crime Watch, Conform to Federalism, United Filipino Seaferers.

Calida also offered to provide legal assistance to complainants against De Lima.

”As the people’s tribune, the OSG offers its legal services to the complainants who sued Sen. De lima in the DOJ and other venues for her criminal participation and complicity in the proliferation of illegal drugs in the national penitentiary. The coalition and the OSG asks the people whom we serve to support our fight against the state’s public enemy number 1,” he noted.

”Hindi ito persecution we are just applying the rule of law walang mataas, walang mababa sa mata ng batas kaya lang inaabuso ni De Lima yung kanyang power that’s why we have to step in to equalize and neutralize yung kanyang advantage over these complainants,” he explained.

Calida said being a Senator, De Lima is very powerful.

“The complainants are private persons. In order to strengthen their resolve, I will lend the prestige and gravitas of my office,” he said.

The OSG is the principal law defender of the Philippine government. It determines the position of the government and participate in every case in which the government is a party. It also represents the People of the Philippines, its government, agencies as well as government owned and controlled corporations when authorized by the President.

“However, under the law, the SolGen can also act and represent the people before any court, tribunal, body or commission in any matter, action or proceeding which in his opinion affects the welfare of the people as the ends of justice may require. thus, the Solgen is also the tribune and protector of the people,” Calida noted.

As an officer with a cabinet rank, Calida said he cannot accept De Lima’s nasty and destabilizing tirades against President Duterte’s war on drugs

“I am also the alter ego of the President and we cannot accept these tirades of De Lima that destabilizes our country and makes mockery of the policies of the president.”

”Sen. De Lima flaunted her disdain to be investigated by the House of Representatives (HOR) and DOJ for the crimes she committed her shenanigans demand a more vigorous response from the government she wants to destroy the people are disgusted with the raving wrath so are we,” he said.


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