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Saturday, December 31, 2016

NUJP to Duterte: It is your duty to speak clearly

By:  - @KSabilloINQ    / 02:45 PM December 30, 2016

The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines on Friday criticized President Rodrigo Duterte for saying that he likes joking around or playing pranks on media.

NUJP, in a  statement written in Filipino, cited Duterte’s recent interview where he said, “Nilalaro ko kayo. Mahilig talaga ako sa ganoon. Alam ng team ninyo. Mahilig talaga ako magbitaw ng kalokohan.”

(I am playing with you. I enjoy doing that. Your team knows that. I enjoy joking around.)

NUJP said it is opposing such comments because as president of the Philippines, it is Duterte’s responsibility and duty to be clear in his public statements to the Filipino people and the rest of the world.

Duterte’s supporters have criticized media for reporting on the president’s words, which sometimes includes profanities and curses directed toward foreign leaders and groups.

Some claim that the President is misunderstood or that his words are not clearly translated.

“May mga pagkakataon naman po para sa biro o sa kalokohan. Subalit dahil kayo ang Pangulo, ang inyong mga pahayag sa publiko ay aming itinuturing—at dapat lamang ituring—na patakaran ng inyong pamahalaan,” NUJP said.

(There is a time for jokes or foolishness. But because you are the President, your public statements are considered — and should be considered — government policy.)

“Dagdag pa, marami rin sa inyong masusugid na tagasuporta ang nagtuturing ding atas at utos maging ang inyong mga biro at gamitin ang mga ito bilang dahilan para sa mga karumaldumal na hangarin ng mga kriminal at tiwali sa loob at labas ng gobyerno,” the group said.

(In addition to that, many of your ardent supporters also consider your jokes as a command and can be used to justify nefarious intentions of criminals and corrupt people inside and outside government.)

In the past, Duterte talked about killing thousands of people to stop the illegal drug trade in the Philippines. His critics claim that such pronouncements have inspired extrajudicial killings. The so-called vigilante killings have not only resulted in the deaths of drug suspects who were not given due process but also innocent bystanders.

“Sa ganitong kalagayan, aming kagalang-galang na ginoo, hindi kaya mainam na huwag mo na kaming laruin at bawasan na ang hilig ninyong magbitiw ng kalokohan?” NUJP said.

(In this situation, most respected gentleman, isn’t it better for you to stop playing with us and reduce your tendency for fooling around.)

The group said that Duterte’s unclear statements is his problem and not that of the Filipino people.

“Seryoso po kami sa aming gawain at tungkulin naming ituring na seryoso at iulat [nang] tapat ang anumang namumutawi sa bibig ng Pangulo,” it said. “Huwag po ninyong baliktarin ang kaayusan ng pananagutang maging malinaw, Mr. President.”

(We are serious in our work and it is our duty to consider as serious and to faithfully report the words coming from the mouth of the president. Do not reverse our roles in ensuring clarity, Mr. President.) CDG

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