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Friday, December 23, 2016

How stupid. There would be no evidence if she called, but she texted instead. ~Share

Watch the video and find out more.

Senator Leila De Lima is a lawyer who created her own evidence against herself. If she called Ronnie Dayan's daughter (Hannah Mae Dayan) instead of texting her, then she wouldn't have left a trail of evidence.

No matter how you look at it, what she did to incriminate herself was really dumb.

The case filed by the Department of Justice (DOJ) against Senator Leila de Lima was the violation of Article 150 of the Revised Penal Code because she allegedly "willfully, knowingly, and unlawfully" advised Ronnie Dayan not to testify during the House inquiry into the New Bilibid Prison narcotics trade. 

The DOJ said that De Lima violated Article 150 of the Revised Penal Code, which refers to the "disobedience to summons issued by the National Assembly, its committees or subcommittees, by the Constitutional Commissions, its committees, subcommittees or divisions."

According to the DOJ, Ronnie Dayan "deliberately failed to obey" the subpoena issued by the House of Representatives because De Lima "willfully, knowingly, and unlawfully advised him through his daughter Hannah Mae Dayan, to hide and not to appear in the said scheduled hearing of the House Committee on Justice despite receipt of the subpoena."

De Lima said that there is a "...rush to crucify me publicly through inaccurate press releases and statements, even before allowing me the chance to learn about the charges against me and to prepare my defense, speaks loudly and clearly of the real motivation behind the filing of this case,". 


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