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Friday, December 4, 2015

Video: Love of Freedom Conquers Fear of Tyranny #BeInformed #Pinas2016

Video: Love of Freedom Conquers Fear of Tyranny #BeInformed #Pinas2016
History has shown that relying on the decision of tyrants is ALWAYS a bad idea.
Birds are born to walk - because the f*cker can't fly.. LOL
Conventional wisdom is that government officials that act quickly, are better than a government official that acts slowly – or doesn’t act at all on your issues.
Antipinoy wisdom is that YOU act quicker on YOUR issues than any government official on the planet.
And, that goes for every human being on the planet. Each and every person – acts quicker on each person’s issue – quicker than any government official on the planet.
Think about – do these government officials really know what you want or need?  What if after the elections – the issues that you thought mattered to you, no longer mattered? 
For crying out loud – there are mornings when you don’t even know what you want or need because your priorities have changed.
Or that it turns out – the politician wasn’t who you thought he was.
Or even better – you shedded the victim mentality and realized that you are  responsible for your life and you never needed politicians at all, never have, never will.
By then you are stuck with a politician who “represented” – what you thought; was made to think; was persuaded to think; and worse for the landless – coerced to bot (vote for the candidate) or ibot (get out) – for a couple of years!!!
In the highly accountable private world – you can RETURN the product if you think it is lousy or you changed your mind.
What do you do?
Do you keep your mouth shut until no one is left to speak out? 
Every resident of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao islands who was old enough to remember martial law – and who swore NEVER AGAIN to tyranny have a MORAL RESPONSIBILITY to warn the youth of a very dark path that they are being manipulated into taking.
Tyranny comes in many faces and forms – but its footprint always ends in the same thing – you paying more and your freedoms being assaulted.
In 1986, our generation was part of a wave.  A wave that toppled dictatorial regimes worldwide in a series of “people’s revolutions”.
We chose to sleep on the cold cement streets, calling our fellow human beings to resist the Marcos dictatorship.
For a brief time, there was the possibility of true freedom.
But, in the midst of this euphoria of removing a brutal regime – the victory was hijacked, and under the cloak of nationalism – the yoke of slavery was re-installed on the Filipinos.
Under the distraction of useless political rights, the right of individuals to choose the goods and services they use have been held hostage by a feeling entitled vicious criminal minority.
The distraction serves its purpose though because now, it provides clarity – that a dictatorial government under Marcos did not work for the Philippines – nor will it work under Duterte – or any puppet that ABS-CBN can hang to dry after their utility has been accomplished.
The death penalty did not work under Marcos – it will still not work under Duterte because at its crux – STATE SANCTIONED MURDER IS IMMORAL AND WRONG.

Let’s just say that Duterte (or whoever moron you choose – Roxas, Marcos, Santiago – they are all the same) won.
Imagine how it will look like after 6 years.
Digong will be on the headlines, spewing fuck yous and bullshits and threatening people if they don’t deliver “to the people”.
The newly minted DigongTards will sing paeans to dear leader Digong. Yellow will be replaced with another color.
Protectionism - Telecomm
Cronies/Pinoy Illuminati still control the economy – Globe still has the highest rates in the market – and the slowest service.
Meralco still controls the electric power industry – and Filipinos still pay the highest rates. And Davao still faces outages.
OFWs from Saudi Arabia have returned because the Saudis have gone bankrupt because a new energy source has replaced oil.
More government spending. More taxes. Still zero change in unemployment – and possibly higher with the influx of former OFWs from Saudi .
Top 20% will still own 50% of national income. Poverty will increase.
What Digong gonna do? Send OFWs to Vietnam? Ain’t that sweet – the supposedly nationalistic anti-imperialistic regime supporting the neoliberal policy.
Like Noynoy Aquino, Duterte will be made to smell sweet today.
Six years down the road – the same media that bandied his “achievements” will be the same media that will topple him down because he has become a political liability that his bankrollers now want to drop him like a hot potato.
Then the cycle begins again.
The next hotshot. A new color. More of the same bullsyet.
At what point will people wake up and say – you know what?
We are being taken for a ride. This needs to stop. This stops NOW. ENOUGH!

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