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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Duterte And Roxas Should Just… Give Love On Christmas!

December 17, 2015
by Grimwald
Let’s begin with a little music, shall we?
It seems that the current conflict between Rodrigo Duterte and Mar Roxas has just gone up a notch. As of late, it’s been declared that Mayor Duterte has even challenged former DILG Secretary Mar Roxas to a gun duel. While this may all seem like a lot of entertaining hullabaloo, I’m more than a little disappointed in their behavior what with other, more pressing concerns that are now plaguing our country as we speak. Indeed, it’s as if both Digong Duterte and Mar Roxas have forgotten the meaning of Christmas and are actively working against the Christmas Spirit!
In that case, this looks like a job for the Ghost of Christmas Kick-Your-Ass Thaddeus Grimwald!
This rant is addressed directly to both Digong Duterte and Mar Roxas! Yes, that’s right, I’m talking to you two buffoons up there! Normally I wouldn’t do this, but all things considered, it’s time somebody reminded you two what time of year it is!
If you had thrown your tantrums a little earlier this year or at least next next year, I wouldn’t be doing this. Unfortunately, the two of you just had to go and act like a bunch of unruly children and engage in highly inappropriate hostilities in this time of year of all times. It’s time for me to remind both of you what you should be busying yourself with instead of behaving like toddlers who’ve been denied their goodies because of misbehavior.
So, instead of slapping, punching or shooting each other, I challenge the both of you to a “LOVE DUEL”!
That’s right, instead of resorting to violence, why not engage in a battle over whose heart is bigger? That way, not only will you endear more people to vote for you, you will also be of greater help to your fellowman! It’s Christmas Season gentlemen, a time for caring and giving, not a time for fighting and squabbling!
Here are the mechanics of the game:
Helping The Yolanda Survivors
The thing is, while it may be more than two years now since Typhoon Yolanda left and devastated the lives and homes of our countrymen, there’s still no question that a lot of them are still homeless and desperate. Gentlemen, a lot of these people have lost not just their houses but their livelihoods and loved ones as well. Even as I write this, a lot of them are still struggling with the loss of the people they love or are still at a loss on how to provide food for their families.
Now, if the both of you could just provide for these hapless people, I’d actually be impressed. I mean, isn’t it about time somebody helped these people. Doesn’t it hurt your heart to see these people in crappy shelters and unable to feed their children? Don’t you guys want to give these people a chance to get their lives back together? Wouldn’t it be great to see these people smile from their hearts again?
Protecting The Lumads
I don’t know why the media is keeping a lid on all of this but the both of you probably know by now about the Lumads. A tribe of indigenous Filipinos who just want to live their lives quietly in the more rural parts of the country, they seem to have been displaced by armed rebel groups who have threatened them with death. Already, more than a few of them have been brutally killed by paramilitary groups that have somehow been associated with the government.
In the place of their native lands, it seems that certain large-scale corporations have begun building industrial level structures in what was once the home of the Lumads. Now left homeless and helpless, where can the Lumads go now?
What about your Death Squads, Mr. Duterte? Why don’t you put them to good use and use them to help the Lumads reclaim their homes? You already said you won’t deny your association with them so why not use them to be of service to your fellowman? You say you’re all about stopping crime, right? Well, isn’t forcibly evicting innocent people from their homes at gunpoint a crime? Well then, if that’s true, then call on them again Mr. Duterte, tell your Death Squads to train their guns and blades on the ruthless organization that has robbed the Lumads of their homes and shed the blood of their tribesmen!
Disaster Preparation
This is just recent news so I’m surprised why no one seems to care or notice that Typhoon Nona has left her fair share of destruction on the Philippines. Oh wait, I know why! It’s because they were too caught up by the antics of you two attention-seeking bozos!
Double goes for you, Mr. Roxas! Wasn’t it you who utterly failed our countrymen in the rehabilitation of places like Tacloban? Heck, you even got into an argument with Anderson Cooper, the CNN newscaster who was simply just pointing out your failings!
Truth be told, you could’ve at least prepared our people somewhat for the arrival of Nona and prevented some of the destruction she caused. But no, you just had to go and make a video of yourself with all those snobbish celebrities of ABS-CBN just so your camp will look more attractive to your potential voters. No, instead of spending your time making preparations for the coming storms, you had to go and make lame threats and challenges at Mr. Duterte.
Don’t worry though, Mr. Roxas, because it isn’t too late. Guess what? It’s your time to shine. Why not go and help the victims of Nona now while you still have time? I can’t guarantee that it will really help much now but it will at least be enough to lower the derision the common people have for you.
So there you go, Mr. Duterte and Mr. Roxas, why not just duel with love this Yuletide Season?
Well, you’re welcome to ignore all this, but I have only this to say to both of you:
Santa doesn’t give presents to Naughty Boys!

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