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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Shift in Consciousness is Needed To Truly Change the Philippines – Part 1

A Shift in Consciousness is Needed To Truly Change the #Philippines – Part 1
How many elections have come and gone and yet things stay the same? How many more elections will it take for the Philippines to change? One? Two? Three? Four? Five? Six?
How many more generations of Filipinos will have to be born before things even change, if it will?
For how long can people tolerate a consciousness that relies on fear – of poverty, disease, security, hunger?
“Modern man” relies on stimuli from the external world to drive their perception reality.
But what if, it really was the other way around?
How many times have we asked if there was a way out? How many have hitched their sight on a star out there? All of us?
What if the star wasn’t outside – and was actually, inside?
That kinda changes the equation doesn’t it?
But before I get ahead of myself, allow me to take you on a visual journey.

If you have not heard about the double slit experiment, here it is in a nutshell.

This sums it in one statement – the observer affects the outcome of the experiment.
This is what Albert Einstein calls “spooky physics”.


In layman’s terms – the world which we percieve as solid matter – ultra-tiny particles called atoms, bonded together to form larger objects – DOES NOT EXIST.
If the foundation of all atoms is this energy field, then we have this energy within us. Through and through. Everywhere. In fact, there is no beginning or end to it, where one atom starts and another stops. The energy is continuous.
And it turns out that this energy, when it moves in waves, has no boundaries, not in space, and not in time. So, you can consider yourself tethered, if you will, by this energy field in the background of every atom in your body, to everything that exists, has existed and will exist.
You really have no physical boundary when it comes to this energy field. And in fact, you are entangled energetically to everything else, to everyone else, in the physical world we see, and the non-physical world we don’t see, as in our consciousness, or more simply, our thoughts.
What my eyes perceive as solid matter – is at the basic level – actually, energy.
10-04-2013 you are a hologram
Knowing that reality is a hologram, a vibration, how then do we get into, or arrive at, or create a reality that works for us – instead of one that works against us?
consciousness-creates reality
light beings
What sort of reality am I creating?
And to even make things spookier – it is no longer a question of whether parallel universes exist.
The multiverse exists – and everyting that ever was, ever will be, and to come already exists now.
The question is which universe are we in- and how do we get to the right universe  – the one which works for us – or me for that matter?
What is the key to unlock the reality you wish to create for yourself?

And on this note, I end part I of this blog.

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