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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Seven Reasons why Duterte’s Economic Platform is an EPIC FAIL #BeInformed #Pinas2016

Seven Reasons why Duterte’s Economic Platform is an EPIC FAIL #BeInformed #Pinas2016
I came across Duterte’s economic platform in  Rappler.  Let me cut to the chase, Duterte’s economic policies aren’t different from Aquino’s policies.
The economic policy of Duterte is same o same o.
E paano yan, more government spending na naman?  More promises na naman?
Let me tell you what’s gonna happen – More spending, still the same unemployment, no change in income distribution  – the only difference is, there will be more dead bodies.  – that’s protection for you, susmaryosep
I don’t see any mention of removing the protectionist provisions and having free and open competition between local and foreign suppliers to serve the Filipino consumers.
In other words, mga kuneho at gatasan pa rin kayo ng ABS-CBN, Globe, PLDT, and SM.
You will just get more of the same shit.
Here are the seven reasons why:
Reason #1 – HK and SG have high economic freedom. Philippines is A SLAVE ECONOMY.
Business islands with  a low economic freedom. Ang labas nyan – Ayala and Zobel will end up earning business islands.
For what? The magical elections? You are better off watching a magician – at least may pakinabang pa – and you pay for the show only. Unlike the magical elections you pay 16 TRILLION PESOS in 6 year, to do what? HELLLOOO.
#2 – Infrastructure via government is a really bad idea – di pa rin kayo nadadala. Pag binigyan kayo ng saging, andar agad ang kamatsingan.
#3 – REAL Economics involves FREE and OPEN competition – no protection for Duterte cronies – ABS-CBN, PLDT, SM, the usual suspects!
Legal Plunder
Sales prices are HIGH due to government fees, taxes, clearances, protections, subsidies.
Folks open the economy – let customers choose who they will buy from. Why should their choices be limited by this self-serving FAKES!
#4 – State planning does not work. Governments all over the world are imploding from state control – and you want to vote for more state control? Nasaan na mga utak nyo? Di pa rin kayo nadala?
Anyone can have a belief - the question is, whether the belief is supported by empirical data
Anyone can have a belief – the question is, whether the belief is supported by empirical data
#5 – Real economics always eliminates costs that do not provide a value.
What value do taxes and permit fees contribute to consumers?
Cost of Business
#6 – State education is not EDUCATION – it is MEMORIZATION OF WRONG INFORMATION AND ERRONEOUS content to create more obedient clones that will not question and just obey. The better option is to open the economy and let local and foreign private schools compete in serving customers. That’s guaranteed to reduce cost and have more innovative programs.
Ano ba mapapala mo sa public education ha?  Puro holiday. Ready made audience for politicians? Learn how to vote and obey early? Dog training school na lang mura pa.
#7 – Peace and Order is an outcome of good economics – not the other way around. Davao’s economy improved WHEN taxes were waived and regulations were streamlined for preferred investments (1991 Investment Incentives Ordinance).  The appeal of Davao is a 2 million consumer base – not a pathetic mayor mouthing policies he does not understand.



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