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Sunday, December 13, 2015

To Change the Philippines – Elections are Not Needed, Just Practice Loving Mindfulness #BeInformed #Pinas2016

To Change the #Philippines – Elections are Not Needed, Just Practice Loving Mindfulness #BeInformed #Pinas2016
You will not find it:
…in a piece of paper – with the face of man printed on it
…in a regulation passed by a self-serving cabal of criminal illussionists
…in a subsidy funded by money forcibly taken from your neighbor
…in a politician or any king of this earth who promises you riches and gold
…in the next flashiest thing you can flaunt.
…in a life lived in fear of yourself – and of your other selves
And you will probably say that I have lost my mind.That I have dementia.
In a manner of saying, YES – I HAVE LOST MY MIND – MY FEARFUL MIND.
Now here’s what happens when you lose your fearful mind – it gets replaced by a KNOWING, FEELING, FEARLESS, LOVING, and PEACEFUL MIND.

Hue-manity does not need governments.
Hue-manity does not need elections.
Hue-manity does not need regulations.
Hue-manity does not need mental control.
The key is mindfulness.
See to it that – you carefully watch your mind.
Every thought.
Every action you intend to take.
Be the LOVE that you seek.
Be the CHANGE that you seek.
Be the PEACE that you seek.
Be the ABUNDANCE that you seek.
When was the last time you told a your spouse, your parent, your sibling, your neighbor, your physician, your fireman, your policeman, and yes – even your politician – I LOVE YOU?
And do you have it in you to be tough and brave to say I LOVE YOU to a stranger?
I know you will tell me — HOT DIGGITY, he has effin lost his lid.
After all society has made you afraid of that stranger – the bogeyman.
That perhaps the stranger might be a  drug pusher, drug addict, thieves, murderers, rapists, killers and every manner of monstrous creature. 
And because of that you need to be protected from these monstrosities – by giving up your power to another monstrosity? FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIVES?  And along with it  – YOUR DESCENDANT’s LIVES?
What do you think will they remember? Here lies a COWARD who :
….did not have the balls to say NO to TYRANNY?
….did not follow his passion and creativity and settle for a life of mediocrity in the animal farm or the reservation?
…. sent their children and their children’s children into a living hell.
If that is your intention – and you have lessons to learn – I bid you peace.
How many times have you heard the words – let us unite under so and so, under what ever issue – which all end up in you having to behave in a certain manner that they want – not according to what YOU want.
Seriously, what kind of a life is it really to be a politician’s bitch? How’s obedience school doing? Kneel! Sit! Down! Roll over! Bend over! Even sent to sleep.
Maybe you would rather be the sheep who peacefully obeys the good shepherd. How’s that turning out for the lamb chops in the grocery store? Did they get salvation and redemption in the slaughterhouse?
It’s a choice my friend. You all choose to put up with it. You get what you asked for.
I don’t want it, so why should I stay? I am living the dream, and I will not have it any other way.
The planet is our playground – why pay for your natural birthright? Ah you say – I flipped my lid again. And that is okay.
I wish you all the best with your choices. May your choice bring peace to the Philippines.
And if not, well you asked for it, just suck it up – or even better, step up, man up.
Instead of judging based on political affiliation, education, gender preference, age, economic status, religion, and anything that can be used to separate you, distract you in your search for someting that continuous eludes you.
You ask me to just be happy where you are and at the very least…pray for you all.
I will pray that you’ll be strong enough to face the consequences of your choices – or even better be mindful before even making a choice.
I know where y’all are headed. A fart by any other name stinks just the same. Been there done that in Marcos time. I have better use of my time than to be dragged into that fear-based drama.
I pray for my ventures and business opportunities because it is MORE FUN to be FREE and ABUNDANT. And I look forward to that day when you and I will laugh about this episode in our lives.
One day, you will all finally get it. And I will be waiting and rooting for you all. See you on the other side. Cheers.
Now as a parting gift, try this exercise.
Starting today, while you are walking on the street, your office, the mall, while driving, in your mind look at the stranger and send your feeling of love.
Do it for a day, a week, a month, a year.
And watch the miracles happen.
You have the key.
Where other Pinoys dare not tread – I do.

Disclosure. Apocalypse. Revelation. End Times.. is not what you think it is.
Insanity you say?
More stuff from the rabbit hole – on the way in the age of Aquarius.

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