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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Concept vs. Substance: How Duterte Pwned Roxas

December 16, 2015
by Grimwald
Well ladies and gentlemen, it looks like the tensions between Camp Duterte and Camp Roxas are really heating up. More likely than not, we’ll all be in for an exciting show once the 2016 presidential elections come around. What’s surprising though is that both camps are now unleashing their best weapons against each other even though the actual elections haven’t started yet. Their powerful mud guns, mud cannons and mud nukes, that is! Indeed, their latest bout involves an attempt by both parties to discredit one another’s achievements.
Camp Roxas attempted to draw first blood by claiming that the so-called peace and safety of Davao is a mere myth. Camp Duterte promptly retaliated with deconstructing Roxas’ educational background and the discovery that Mr. Roxas isn’t as prestigious as he claims to be. In all honesty, while I still have reservations about Rodrigo Duterte, there is no question that he has won this bout against Mr. Roxas. Of course, things may still change once the election begins but it’s clear from the get-go just how desperate Camp Roxas is becoming and how much momentum Camp Duterte is gaining.
Truth be told though with the way Camp Roxas is handling things, I doubt they’ll be able to gather the kind of support Camp Duterte has gained in the past few months. The thing is, while Mar Roxas has huge media magnates backing him in his campaign, there’s no denying the fact that he has done so little to improve the condition of the country. Even if the so-called “safety” of Davao is a myth, Rodrigo Duterte has certainly shown that Davao is at least a model city of the Philippines and something that both locals and foreigners can appreciate for both its beauty and comforts. Mar Roxas, on the other hand, has failed miserably as a DILG secretary and has time and again, failed in his duty as a leader.
Sure, Mar Roxas certainly has more than a few ads that favor him and there are still those who claim that President Aquino’s “Tuwid na Daan” (which Mr. Roxas intends to continue) has benefits for the common people. Unfortunately, these are just “concepts” ladies and gentlemen, ideas on paper. They are not something that the common people can see with their own eyes or touch with their own hands. And even if they do have benefits, they are not something that will feed or house the devastated survivors of Yolanda or somehow solve the problem of traffic in Manila. They are at best propaganda and at worse heinous lies.
Indeed, while Rodrigo Duterte has done quite a bit for his home city, Mar Roxas has failed utterly to fulfill his duties as a DILG secretary. The survivors of Yolanda are still mostly homeless and starving, the MRT’s of Manila are still crappy and are accidents waiting to happen and the Lumads are still in danger. The only thing Mar has really done for the country is set up hilarious photo and video ops that can at least draw a laugh from the common Filipino.

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