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Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Filipino Thirst for Foreign Blood

December 24, 2015
by zaxx
Like some traumatic childhood memory that couldn’t be shaken off, colonial mentality still remains deeply lodged within the Filipino psyche despite decades of independence from his tall light-skinned masters. There’s no denying it: the Filipino’s awe over anything foreign still lies ingrained within his/her genes.
Digging deeper, is there really a valid ground for this much frowned upon feeling of lowliness in local natives? Is there truth to the assertion that Filipinos are in any way a lesser breed than foreigners?
Take a look at the native Philippine dog. Why is it that the native askal is less atrractive, smaller and dumber than the Great Dane or German Shepherd? Our native dogs are hardly known for learning fancy tricks, growing to be stout & furry, or taking on large roles like herding goats or detecting contraband.
Then look at the native Filipino – small, dark, and with facial features more closely resembling villains/monsters than the main actor/actress of a movie. Not only physically, but also culturally (values/mentality): laziness and lack of discipline & initiative are attributes that generally run in the blood of Filipinos from birth (like some kind of original sin/curse passed down through generations). And those who excel are, more often than not, the few exceptions rather than the general rule.
Embracing our Inferiority
Perverse colonial mentality: Skin whitening products sell like hotcakes in the Philippines! (Source: Belo Men Facebook Page)
Perverse colonial mentality: Skin whitening products sell like hotcakes in the Philippines!
(Source: Belo Men Facebook Page)
It’s time we face it. Its time to stop lying to ourselves and accept the fact “the emperor has no clothes.” Local Pinoy stock is simply inferior in almost every way. There has been a notion that “original” products meant foreign made, and “local” was synonymous to inferior, fake or lame imitated versions. Somehow, the low level of quality in products made by Pinoys also applies to their very own genes and mentality.
Trying to deny Filipino colonial mentality and awe at the foreigner is like comparing a locally made owner jeep with a Lexus NX SUV, and trying to convince oneself that the former is more aesthetically and technologically superior than the latter. In like manner, one need not be an expert connoisseur of men’s looks to judge who between Rody Duterte and Donald Trump is more handsome.
A fresh native Pinoy graduate from College would usually ask himself “which company can I work for?” But a Chinese-blooded Chinoy would ask himself “what kind of business should I start?” Even in the area of business and dreaming/thinking, local Pinoys are inferior – they think small “sari-sari store” while Chinoys think gigantic “mega malls”.
Look at what constitutes the Philippine showbiz industry, mostly half-breeds with a large degree of foreign physical attributes like a tall nose, fair white skin, and an imposing stature. Do you think the AlDub pair are 100% native Pinoy? Just look at their facial features & skin complexion and think again. And do we need to touch on Ms. Wurtzbach (winner of the 2015 Ms. Universe pageant)?
Foreign Blood Infusion
If Pinoys lust the physical traits and qualities of foreigners so much, to the point of applying skin whiteners and having plastic surgery (if they could afford it), why don’t they just inject foreign blood it into their system?
After hundreds of years of colonial rule and consequential interbreeding, no Pinoy you see walking down the street or riding the LRT is pure anyway: so might as well go all the way in diluting the native Pinoy blood that runs through our veins. Only a handful of Pinoys are pure indigenous natives (Aetas, Lumads), as few in number as the native American Indians who used to populate North America.
The Philippines is headed the way of America in becoming a nation of immigrants and mixed blood. If you go to California, you will notice that the population is a wild blend of almost every race of humanity just peacefully living in harmony: you have Indians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Koreans, Arabs, Europeans, and Africans all just intermingling/intermarrying with each other like some giant multicultural fruit shake. In fact, this is what makes Silicon Valley and Hollywood such successful melting pots of technology and talent.
This will likely be the future of the Philippines if we simply welcome foreign blood into our society and gene pool, rather than deny and reject it. Besides, how many of us would deny being proud we have some foreign blood – be it German, Japanese, British, Spanish or Chinese? Let’s not resist it; let the inherent colonial mentality work for our benefit instead by allowing us to transform to become a better breed.
Hybrid is High Breed
In livestock breeding, hybrids have the distinct advantage of getting the good traits of both original parents; like a pig can get the immunity traits of the local parent and the large body size of the imported parent. Hybrid Pinoys resulting from the intermarriage of a local Pinoy and a foreigner brings about several advantages to the offspring.
A. Cultural. The offspring gets the friendliness and warmth of the Pinoy parent, while adopting the superior mindset and values of the foreign parent. This is equivalent to the mindset transformation OFWs get when they are forced to adopt the values of first-world countries they assimilate into.
B. Financial. Foreigners are often viewed as a ticket out of poverty, not just for the Filipino partner, but as well as the rest of the immediate family. Foreigners are often viewed like walking ATMs or insurance policies. They fund the housing, education, and daily expenses of the Filipino partner’s children and close relatives. Somehow, it helps bring in capital into the country, circumventing the 60/40 ownership restriction.
C. Genetic. Having foreign-looking physical features is something looked up to in Philippine society. It is a ticket to jobs and careers for one’s children, otherwise not open if they looked like ordinary natives. To be a flight attendant, a sales person, a showbiz personality, a basketball player, a news caster or a politician – stunning good looks are always a plus factor, if not the key factor.
Wonder why South Americans keep winning beauty pageants? There is just something with the mix of white Europeans and tan-brown native Indians that brings about a pleasant outcome to behold.
One foreign guy described many Pinays as shrimp – great bodies, just don’t mind the face. Well, if the face of the problem, might as well get it fixed correctly with those much coveted German or British facial features. Mind you, plastic surgery is not really the best solution. It would be sad to see children blaming a parent for how they look.
As the rate of outflow of Pinoys is growing, we should welcome any growth in the number of foreigners opting to get into the Filipino society and bloodline. We should make it doubly easy for foreigners who want to settle in the Philippines and make this their new home. One day we may all wake up to a Philippines where the typical Filipino on the street looked like a bronze-skinned Brad Pitt or Megan Fox, with every form of halfy – half-German, half-Korean, half-Indian.
Marrying a Foreigner – a Good Choice for your Children
Marrying a foreigner will be for the general good of Philippine society, and your gene pool. It will dilute the “dumb gene” that is inherently present in Pinoys, who are generally lazy and anti-intellectual in nature. It will even raise the chances of our country finally achieving that elusive Olympic gold medal.
Conyo problems: Beauty idealised by Philippine media is far beyond the reach of most ordinary Filipinos. (Source: ShowbizNest.)
Conyo problems: Beauty idealised by Philippine media is far beyond the reach of most ordinary Filipinos.
(Source: ShowbizNest.)
It may be ironic how comfort women decry the fact they got forced into the sexual act with Imperial Japanese soldiers, whereas now Filipinas are scrambling just to get laid by the descendants of these Japanese – to secure for themselves a better life. But this trend is actually leading to the rise of Filipino offspring that will not only seek to merely survive, but moreover excel – being handed down the Japanese superior mindset.
Like shopping for a car, it’s a free country. You are free to choose what style, brand and color you want. Do you want a black Nissan SUV or a blue Volvo sedan? – take your pick. Marriage is no different, depending on what kind of children you want – you can go for a foreign partner that fits the bill on your agenda:
1) Future basketball player or athlete – go for black muscular and agile African blood like a Michael Jordan
2) Future singer – go for blood with a solid booming voice like that of Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti
3) Future businessman – go for North Asian blood (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)
4) Future Beauty queen – go for European, Australian, or American blood
5) Future IT professional – go for Indian blood

In today’s age of the Internet and social media, the barriers to meeting people all over the world have crumbled. We live in a world that is becoming increasingly intercultural and interconnected. Finding a foreign partner can be as easy as a few chats on Facebook.
It’s not only for the Philippines. The dwindling population of European and North Asian countries is a threat to their very foundations and survival, it’s time for Pinoys to give them a helping hand in providing what Pinoys do best – help them in multiplication (Who said Pinoys aren’t good at math?)
So if Pinoys are gonna multiply like rabbits, might as well multiply with good and excellent stock. So keep churning out those high-breed hybrid Pinoy offspring – and keep the engine of Philippine society going.
[Thumbnail photo courtesy TheBooBirds.com.]


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