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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Three Reasons Filipinos Take Pageants Seriously

It is already the nth day after the Miss Universe beauty pageant and a hell lot of Filipinos are still agog and aghast about it as they keep yakking about the win of Miss Philippines in the contest and make it a point of mentioning it to everyone whether they give a shit or not. I really don’t get what goes on in the brains of these so-called people that they take that shit really seriously. As if it was a discovery of a cure to cancer, how to make a spacecraft travel faster than the speed of light or that the Filipinos suddenly grew brains and made the Philippines a first world country.

Why is it that Filipinos are one of the people who give over-importance to a contest where natural endowments are overwhelmingly focused on and not not accomplishments that took mental fortitude and resulted in developing products or building empires that benefited the most number of people possible? You are basically awarding an ornament. Just like picking a bunch of random flowers in a field and asking a 6 year old girl which is the most beautiful. That is all there is to it!

There are even a lot of DISGUSTING male, female and childrens’ pageants in schools that are promoted by VALUES EDUCATION teachers. Talk about teaching the wrong and stupid values!

Here are 3 reasons why FIlipinos take these dumbass pageants so seriously:

1. Filipinos are fatalistic. They believe that fortune is what is given to a person and not what a person creates. They value natural endowments like beauty which one is born with rather than accomplishments that one creates.

2. Filipinos are ugly. Come on, face it. A lot of Filipinos are in Spanish called “feo” and “fea”. Compared to East Asians and Caucasians, Filipinos have dark and wrinkly skin (full of moles) like they just evolved from being orang utans so they field a lot of European looking women to beauty contests so in case they win, they THINK that the world would also see them looking like these mestiza Pinays. The world won’t though but Filipinos are hopeful they would.

3. Filipinos value form way more than substance. Beauty pageants are what people look like and not what they know, have accomplished or are capable of.

I bet you guys that when I watch TV Patrol tomorrow, my senses will again be freeze dried to numbness by the fucking Miss Universe shit again! Maybe they’ll tell me how she shit her gown when Steve Harvey announced that Miss Colombia is Miss Universe.


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