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Monday, June 12, 2017


Jose Alejandrino

Leni Robredo and LP like Risa Hontiveros, Leila de Lima, and plotters like Antonio Trillanes, have learned the art of double speak or talking at two ends of their mouth. The American Indians refer to this as having a "forked tongue."

First, you begin by saying what is really at the back of your mind. Then, when you receive public brickbats, you clarify your original statement by saying you were misquoted and that it was fake news. You blame social media.

When Hontiveros said in a TV interview that martial law was not justified because there was no rebellion or invasion, what did she really mean to say?

In the first place, she herself was twisting the facts. No invasion in Marawi by terrorists? Does she think people are stupid? Tell that to the soldiers and police fighting and dying there. Tell that to the Marawis who lost their homes. Tell that to those civilians who lost their loved ones. Tell that to ISIS who proclaimed Hapilon as its emir of a separate Marawi Caliphate.

Why did Hontiveros say what she said? Very simply because she didn't want Duterte to succeed in quelching the terrorists. She wanted the terrorists to succeed and encouraged them by lauding their "courage and resilience." 

She wanted Duterte to fail because she wants Duterte out and replaced by Robredo. In short, she was being consistent with the LP strategy.

What does that make Hontiveros and the others? A bunch of traitors and subversives who claim loyalty to flag and country but in reality are prepared to betray them to achieve their political agenda.

In part, it is the fault of media. These traitors crave for public attention. If nobody paid attention to them, they would be marginalized. They need the public to survive. That is why you have idiots like Magdalo's Gary Alejano making stupid proposals like renaming the Philippines. They have nothing better to do. The sad part is we taxpayers continue to shoulder their salaries whereas we should have jailed or hanged them as they deserve.

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