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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Pres. Duterte's guest Mr. Francis kong, silences Inquirer reporter Marlon Ramos ~Share

Mr. Marlon Ramos of the Inquirer tried to trap Mr. Francis Kong with a trick question that could have embarrassed Pres. Duterte and Mr. Kong, but Mr. Francis Kong's brilliant answer silenced the Inquirer reporter.

I am sure that Inquirer reporter Marlon Ramos had a malicious intention when he asked Malacañang guest speaker Mr. Francis Kong the leading questions.

If Mr. Kong misspoke in his response, Marlon Ramos could have used the answer against President Duterte and could have created conflict between Mr. Kong and the president.

Such scheming tricks of reporters like Marlon Ramos are disgusting, these kinds of reporters take pleasure in creating conflict just so that they have a story. In my opinion, media people like Mr. Ramos are vile creatures.

Fortunately, Mr. Kong has a very sharp mind and knew immediately what Mr. Ramos was up to.

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