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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Letter to Sen. Trillanes: "We find YOU USELESS. WE DON'T NEED your kind of service to this nation."

To: Senator Antonio Trillanes IV

Good Day!

We, the People of the Republic of the Philippines would like to know your actions in relation to our request of your immediate resignation as a senator.

We don't like a public servant who always makes obstructions to the good plans and intentions especially of our President. To emphasize this; WE ELECT THE PRESIDENT BECAUSE WE BELIEVE HIS CAPACITY TO DO THE THINGS THAT NEEDS TO BE DONE AND BE RESOLVED IMMEDIATELY.

We find YOU USELESS for this cause senator. WE DON?T NEED your kind of service to this nation.

This Administration is putting up all the resource and striving to promote a brighter future with fairness and justice for the majority of its people. The Filipino demands a VITAL CHANGE to this country and our faith lies with the President. We entrusted him the power to do it in such a short period of time with a maximum of 6 years to solve major issues hampering Philippine progress such as ILLEGAL DRUGS, CORRUPTION, CRIMINALITY, POVERTY, POLLUTION, MEDICAL SERVICES and many more.

Mr. Trillanes we want you to know that any propaganda you created is a BETRAYAL to this republic and its people. You have stirred bewilderment and confusion among us and tried to divide us with your wimpy tricks. If this prolongs, people who are sane enough will be forced to drag you out and bring you to places you don't want to go.

Before this happens, kindle tender your urgent resignation for the benefit of all. This is the best sacrifice you can make for us. TO STEP DOWN FROM YOUR CURRENT POSITION. Please don't think of suicide if ever it crosses your mind. Enjoy the remaining days of your life but please use the last drop of your rational wit and spare us from the agony of this struggle.

Every SHARE and LIKE of this letter will be considered a signature campaign for this petition that demands your right action.

From the people of the Philippines


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