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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Why do Filipinos hate Leni?

Vice President Leni Robredo and her campaign team sold to the people that she represents those in the margins of society; and this may very well be the reason she “won” last election. They banked on the idea that people will love her if they see that she is one of them or at least fighting for them. However, the problem is that it seems they cannot keep up with the image that they used in their campaign. The lack of significant and tangible actions in her brief stint as HUDCC chairman and her recent actions showed that her “for the margins of society” image was nothing more than just a mask used to “win” the vice presidency. It’s clear that a lot of Filipinos have come to realize this and this led to the drop in her satisfaction rating in the last SWS survey.
Here are some other reasons why Filipinos hate Leni, which you can also see in the comments section of some of my posts in my Facebook page Mocha Uson Blog:
Ambition. We keep on hearing her say that she’s not interested in becoming President to deflect notions that they are working to oust President Duterte but haven’t we heard her say something like this before? When the Liberal Party was still in the process of picking Mar Roxas’ running mate, she said that she’s not interested in running for the position but look at where she is now? Can we honestly say that she is not gunning for the highest position in the government? Then Mayor Rodrigo Duterte also stated that he was not running for President but I don’t think the man who already has the highest position would now want to gun for the second highest post and demote himself.
The point here is that the woman who initially said that she was not prepared and did not have the experience needed to become Vice President is now clutching to the position as if everybody is looking to take it from her to the point that she and her camp are worried over the recounting of votes; but if the position that she holds was won fair and square, do they really need to worry?
Hypocrisy. She said before that she never dreamed to become a Vice President but recently we got information that there were people being recruited before to be part of a team that was supposedly intended to support her run for the Presidency. She never dreamed to become Vice President – is it because her dream is to be the President?
She publicly states her opposition to the policies of the President under the guise of fighting for what is right and fighting for the people but she is alarmingly quiet when it comes to the sins of her party mates, which brings us to the next reason why Filipinos hate Leni.
Puppet. In our last article about the Vice President, we tackled the issue on whether she is a plotter or a puppet. Either one is scary but her actions against the Duterte administration and inaction when it comes to her party mates shows that she may not be in control, that there are people behind her pulling the strings.
If she can express her opposition against the man holding the most powerful position in the government, then why can’t she speak about the wrong things that her own party mates did when they were in power? Why can’t she call out their incompetence when they had the chance to change our country for the better?
Typhoon Nina. We’re not blaming her that the typhoon struck our country, of course, but where was she when her people needed her? We can understand that the vacation was planned a year ago, and maybe there was some miscalculation on her part regarding the strength of the typhoon; but as the Vice President, shouldn’t it be common courtesy for her to come back here right away when she received information that her own town was ravaged? The reason that it was hard to find five tickets was also not going to fly because the people did not need the entire Robredo family to be here. They needed Leni Robredo, the woman and the Vice President whom they put their trust into. It looks like another typhoon revealed the real character of another politician just like it did to Mar Roxas and former President Noynoy  Aquino. It also seems that typhoon Nina showed the real color of the Vice President and it looks yellow especially the part where she was able to spin the typhoon issue to attack the Duterte administration and say that the relief operations were “slow.” What’s funny is that the fact remains that while she was in another country for her vacation, President Duterte, DSWD Secretary Judy Taguiwalo and other people were here working and taking care of her town and the Filipinos affected by the typhoon.
Last and latest reason why Filipinos hate Leni is because of the “LeniLeaks” issue. The issue revealed that the Office of the Vice President is giving instruction on how to defend the Vice President against those who are critical of her and one of the attacks that they provided is to compare the Vice President’s “efforts” to the efforts of President Duterte. While typhoon Nina showed the Vice President’s true color, this showed how big their control of the media is. Note that most mainstream media were quick to report about President Duterte’s remark about VP Leni’s knees and they were quick to ask for her comment about my appointment as MTRCB board member (which was not directly related to her) but they were silent about the “LeniLeaks” issue which implicated her office. Vice President Leni might not be part of the group, as she claimed, but the emails that were exposed revealed that there is a message forwarded from the Office of the Vice President. So, is she also saying that she did not sanction any messages to be sent or could this mean that she does not have control over her own staff? If it’s the latter, how then could we expect her to run our country if she can’t even control her own office?
I believe that these reasons tell us that she is not fit to be the next President, should they succeed in their plan to oust President Duterte? Would you support a President that presents herself as someone who cares for the people, especially the poor but you couldn’t rely on when it matters most? Would you accept a President who seems firm in her stand to fight for the powerless but appears to cower before the powerful people in her political party? Would you rather have a President who can easily be controlled by puppeteers and make her do their bidding? I, for one, would not and so you  shouldn’t.

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