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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Trumps Fires US Ambassador To Philippines For Working With Corrupt Senator

Washington DC - President Trump has this morning fired two ambassadors and ordered them to report back to white-house before 28th January.

The newly-elected President said that the USA Ambassador to Philippines, Sung Kim is among the individuals working with Philippine politicians to sneak in drugs in the United States and other countries.

Trump mentioned Philippines Senator Leila De Lima and other two politicians as the top Philippines leaders trafficking illegal drugs and they are using the USA embassy to import the illegal substance.

"I want to make it easier for the Philippine President Duterte in his war against drugs in the Philippines. I have ordered my ambassador, Sung Kim to report back in the country because we are reliably informed the ambassador has been working with some notorious Senators like Lila De Lima and others to import drugs in the country, my government will be like that of Duterte. There will be no room for corrupt individuals in my government." He remarked.

Among those who were fired include USA Ambassador to Nigeria and his counterpart in Manila.

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