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Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Negative Effects Of Colonization By Refugees

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Refugees are Colonizers. They are an evolutionary nightmare at work. Think about that for a moment? What happens when a species cannot adapt? It dies, it becomes extinct. Then consider history, whenever large groups of people have decided to go anywhere, they have always changed the place they go to, and not always for the better, and their impact on the local environment could be likened to evolution at work.
It does not matter where they came from and or where they went, the destination country has gone through turmoil and change, name any country where colonization took place, then look at what refugees do when they are relocated, the exact same outcome ensues, they impact the existing cultures and force often evolutionary change which is not always acceptable to the previous residents.
History shows again and again, their actions, although perhaps driven by different catalysts, have always had the same outcome, wars, fighting, disagreement and a disestablishment of the previous order. It is very stressful for all parties, many of whom were peacefully going about their lives in complete harmony and non-violence before the new arrivals were forced upon them. Let’s look at a few bits of history and some countries.
What happened to the Aztec, Mayan, Incan and Toltec cultures? 3,000 year old civilizations, wiped out by the Conquistadors, and they did it in the name of the 3G’s, God, Gold and Greed.
Australia, drove the aborigines into the outback, treating them as not being human and today the country still has them backed away out of sight and the opportunities for them as a race are still very limited.
New Zealand used a treaty to turn the indigenous peoples into servants and then forcibly in many cases took their land from them. Today, the problem still niggles and the opportunity for the Maori is still an issue because of what transpired 180 years ago. It has, and is being addressed but it has not been without acrimony and dispute and to this day both sides of the debate have never felt fairly treated.
America’s very history, to put it bluntly, is based upon the near genocide of the North American Indians, along with the slavery of other races they took there. Many of whom were Irish or African in origin.
The same or similar occurred in most of Africa, as well in parts of Asia. The Philippines for example was overrun by the Spanish, and it does not matter from where these assorted Colonizers came from. The outcome has always been the same. They altered the culture. They usually turned the original inhabitants into second class citizens and deprived them of equality.
Furthermore, a lot of these so called Colonizers were in fact a form of Refugee. In many cases poverty and lack of opportunity where they came from, drove them to relocate. Australia is well documented to have been originally colonized by the alleged criminals Great Britain did not want.
It is now rather Ironic when you look back in history because it is like karma. Simply observe what has happened in modern day Britain. Their multi-cultural idea is a failure and the UK is becoming another basket case where the original Britain’s are becoming outcasts in their own country. Now the same is beginning to unravel across Europe with all these Middle-Eastern refugees. As soon as they arrived, they began demanding their host nation adapt to them. (Sounds just like the colonizers’ arriving does it not?).
What will follow next can be predicted if we use history as a guide. Just look at what the so called western nations did as colonizers all those years ago, the same will repeat, the evidence is already pointing to it. The message is clear, when you have a refugee or human crisis, moving people is not the solution, it does not work. All it will do is bring bloodshed and disharmony to a previously calm new location.
The issues that needs to be clearly grasped and dealt with, is why are they refugees in the first place? Is it because they refuse to adapt to the local conditions where they currently are. Is it because they hold different cultural and or religious beliefs, or has evolution passed them by and they are unable to adjust?
When you start asking these questions it becomes very clear relocating people – if the answer to any of the above questions is yes – and moving them will not work unless where you are sending them have matching values, religion and cultures. The conclusion is that a “no answer” to almost all of the questions is unlikely. Thus, it is time for the world to find a new solution.
If humanity is to progress, we need to wake up!
NO MORE REFUGEES. We must find ways to fix the problems where they lay; shifting people is not viable, not workable and will eventually convert the whole planet into a wasteland of violence and war. The absolute bottom line is if the people who are in such a situation cannot adapt, they are the author of their own demise. In nature when a species cannot adapt and evolve it becomes extinct. That message needs to be made very clear to anyone who seeks to relocate as a refugee.
You either adapt, or you will be returned from whence you came.

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