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Thursday, January 19, 2017

WATCH! Trillanes urges soldiers not to follow Duterte's order

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV encouraged the Armed Forces of the Philippines not to take orders from President Rodrigo Duterte. He said the soldiers should review now their mandate. To be able to determine their limits and not to follow any orders from Duterte if it's beyond the rules. "Hinihikayat ko yung mga sundalo natin, ano na reviewhin na nila yung mandato nila sa konstitusyon. Para malaman nila kung ano lang yung mga limits ng kanilang Commander in Chief. Kung ano yung pwede at hindi pwedeng gawin," Trillanes said. 

Trillanes made a TV appearance over the several issues about the administration and to the recent Bureau of Immigration probe. He reacted after the Senate decided to replace him to probe BI corruption issues. < Also, Trillanes said that Duterte is a dictator. He reminded the public to be prepared for another dictatorship leadership. "Unang-una Presidente sya [Duterte]. Lahat ng lumalabas sa bibig nya ay seryosohin natin. At seryosong isyu ito. So, mas maganda ng naghahanda tayo dahil kung hindi tayo maghahanda. Sabihin natin nagbibiro lang yan, tas bigla nalang mag declare. Eh di tayo po ay magugulat tayong lahat. At wala na tayong magagawa by then," Trilllanes said.Meanwhile, Former DILG Rafael Alunan III wrote a comment to Trillanes statement. He said, "This fellow is inciting to sedition and rebellion. Hahahahahahahaha!" Also, in the comment section, Alunan made a clear statement about the declaration of martial law. 

 "based on what he said (starting around the 6th minute of the video) he premised his comments on prrd declaring martial law and on that basis proceeds to tell the afp not to obey. a declaration of martial law will require recommendations from the security cluster and the national security council; a presidential finding that the conditions for a declaration exist; and the concurrence of congress. under the constitution, martial law expires after ninety days, unless extended by congress. trillanes knows that so he's simply grandstanding on false premises…as always. prrd premised his statement with "if forced" meaning "if the circumstances warrant…" trillanes conveniently ignored the context to allow him to sensationalize."


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