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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The TRUTH about how Leni Robredo became a politician

It's about time that the myth of the Robredos is shattered.

Jesse wroked at San Miguel before being tapped by Luis Villafuerte to head the Bicol River Basin Development Project where he met Leni. After using that to establish a poltical base, Robredo married Leni and then ran for Naga Mayor under Villafuerte. Robredo proceeded to dump Villafuerte and used Naga as his base to promote himself politically. He died before he could prove his mettle as a national appointed official.

Jesse could've tested the waters by running for the Senate in 2013. He could've won which would've set the stage for him to become Roxas' running mate in 2016.

The problem with the Robredo's also is the source of their income. Leni had no career to speak of. Her post at the BRDP was also a political accommodation. The same with her employelment at the Public Attorney's Office and after that as a human rights lawyer.

It's highly likely that she's never seen the inside of a court room much less being a litigator because her manner of speaking betrays her lack of intellect. She flip flops on issues which are barely a year old and dips into every issue she can speak about. This betrays a lack of focus and management training.

RG San Luis as posted on Facebook.


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