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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Robredo's answers raise more questions about LeniLeaks and her intelligence ~SHARE

The first thing that caught my attention was Robredo's answer to the reporter when she was asked about LeniLeaks.  She practically said that she didn't have time to go over the issue because she was busy.

But as she continued to answer, all of a sudden Robredo questioned the credibility of the leak saying that it was a public group (yahoogroup) which can only mean that she was playing dumb.

When asked about Loida Nicolas-Lewis, she said that the last time she talked with her billionaire supporter was before or during the elections, but she was not sure. 

Robredo has a memory problem. Early sign of dementia?

Again, Leni had memory issues about what transpired after the elections. Imagine, she had no recollection whether a very important supporter, Loida Nicolas-Lewis communicated with her.

Really? If she cannot remember that billionaire supporter Lewis contacted her, then she may have a serious brain issue problems.

Here are more questions, does this mean that the VIP billionaire supporter didn't call to congratulate Leni Robredo for her victory? If Lewis called Robredo but Leni cannot recall if the VIP called, wouldn't that be a bad sign?

Something does not feel right about her answers because what she is describing is strange human behavior or a sign of illness.


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