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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

"Doesn't have to be true. Just needs to LOOK like that"

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Quote made famous by Ms Loida Nicolas Lewis, the billionaire Filipino-American, the avid supporter of Roxas and Robredo. But according to her it's from a San Francisco stock broker.
Sadly, this is applied or practiced almost everywhere - politics, religion, showbiz, media, even in public or private office (incl. my current office).
During my assignment (OFW/OCW for 5yrs) in Japan 7-13 yrs ago, our mother company / office worked with Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC / CCIC) -(Arabic: شركة اتحاد المقاولين‎‎) - Athen Greece (Palestinian owned) is the largest construction company in the Middle East and ranks among the top 25 international contractors with a revenue of 5.3 billion USD in 2013.
Modesty aside, I'm one of those who started (alone Conceptual or Front-End Engineering Design and Check/Review & Drawing/Document Control/Management of approximately 200 bldgs.) and gave so many projects (5-10billion U.S. dollar each) in Qatar & Papua New Guinea namely: QGX, RGX, QCS, AKG, BZF, PNG, etc.
Those projects kept people very busy and somehow helped prevented war/conflict in that region. In addition, I also helped start multi-billion projects in Russia (SEG), Malaysia (TMP) and Australia (IGL or Ichytys) approx. 100 bldgs. - created many jobs & business opportunities to many people, circulated money around the world, a provided a stable energy/fuel supply and resulted to strong dollar reserve (OFW/OCW remittances).
But guess what did I get in return for my SUPERMAN work/service/sacrifice/heroism - NOTHING. In fact, I was treated like trash - no promotion, no recognition, and still no real or qualified help up to now, because incompetent/stupid people in Manila office would rather do sci-fi projects (e.g. STARTREK) and pretend to be busy or do work not real. And these pretentious/stupid people are the one's being promoted merely because they project an image to be man of God, read Bible and always say "Amen or Praise God". But actually complete opposite - judgemental hypocrite, act worst than the real owners/shareholders, and suffer from arrogance of power (Hubris syndrome).
So why do I still stay, I already resigned 7yrs ago, but my superior/boss (in Japan) asked/forced me to stay. I decided to hang-on a while feeling a little "Utang na Loob" for all the things I learned. So I stayed until all REAL/BIG projects I handled are completed. But now, I experience harassment again maybe because they have no more funds to do no-sense/fake work and they want to force me to go back to Japan under more worst condition - all my boss before (very competent / experienced) already retired or swifted to management. So I expect to work with or be under young/inexperienced Engineers. Why the hell will I want to be a saviour (Jesus) or sacrifice myself again (martyr) and leave my family/friends for nothing? and forever spoiled everyone - easy money, easy life (idle / lazy mind).
Engineering or any Professional work should never mixed with CHARITY, ACTING, RELIGION or POLITICS. Because working with incompetent people cannot produce or get REAL projects that can help many starving people in the end.
"The end does not justify the means"
Yes nabigyan mo nga trabaho o napakain mo nga pero bobo pa rin-dahil ano bq matutunan nyo kung kunyari ang trabaho o Fake Project. Tapos kayo pa MAYABANG!

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