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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Netizen Angry: Duterte is being unjustly criticized, demonized, ridiculed, condemned, mocked ~Share

Netizen MJ Quiambao Reyes is angry at how the Yellowtards have portrayed President Rody Duterte which provoked her to write this impassioned post shown below.

It is enraging how President Duterte is being unjustly criticized, demonized, ridiculed, condemned, mocked, and portrayed as a heartless mass murderer by many of the mainstream media, both local and foreign.

That--while they glorify, protect, and support an over-rated, non-performing spare tire along with an alleged loud-mouthed drug protector.

That--while they conceal the positive changes and the significant gains that he and his men accomplished in the 1st 5 months.

That--while they diminish the highest popularity rating of any Philippine President in its history: 80%-91%, to which he continues to enjoy.

But no, this overwhelming people's support did not emanate from stupidity or fear.

It was brought about by the total desperation and utmost anger for injustice, inequality, incompetence, and indifference which many of us felt over the decades and more-so during the last 6 years of Daang Matuwid.

It was brought about by the people's hope and utmost yearning for a President who can truly provide leadership and who will truly care for the people.

It was brought about by the genuine concern, patriotism, and the political will which many of us can see and feel in Duterte. 

And yes, most of us Filipinos continue to support Duterte even when the major TV networks and newspapers, mainly owned by oligarchs & pro-US collaborators, are relentless in making-up and exaggerating stories, presenting one-sided news & documentaries--all out to destroy the new leader and bring an old political party back in power.

The louder these local and foreign mass media outlets try to destroy and bring down this new government, the stronger the people will stand by and defend this leader--albeit, his many flaws.

The more this losing political party & other business entities and syndicates try to destabilize our country and kill our "hope", the more it will awaken the patriots in many of us.


They cannot take away this 'hope'. Not this time. Not from the millions of Filipinos who were abused and taken for granted for so long and who have found their voice in this new leader. Not from the men and women who are now standing tall--armed with so much love, hope, courage, and new found pride.


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