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Friday, August 5, 2016

You Must Know These Alarming Signs If You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

Do you think by putting less sugar in your coffee, tea or any other foods and beverages you consume you already take less amount of sugar daily? Maybe. But one thing you may not aware of is, sugar is hidden is most processed foods.
You Must Know These Alarming Signs If You’re Eating Too Much Sugar
JJ Virgin, a nutritionist, fitness trainer and author try to open the reader’s eyes through her book. You can also find practical tips on how to wean yourself from this pernicious ingredient that will bring bad effect to your health
In her book, The Sugar Impact Diet: Drop 7 Sugars to Lose Up to 10 Pounds in Just 2 Weeks, she explains how consuming sugar, though those that coming from natural source such as fruit juice, raw cane sugar, or any other natural sugar will still impact your health adversely.
End Sugar Craving by Burning Fats in Your Body
JJ has said it, it doesn’t matter where the sugar comes from, whether it’s from the fruit juice you drink in the morning or sweet cake you consume in the evening, and they all do the same thing to your body.
After you break free from craving more sugar, you will feel a great level of newfound energy and clarity of mind. However, you need to retrain your body to burn fat as its primary for of fuel instead of sugar to be able to feel the transformation.
Of course, it’s not going to be easy. JJ’s book also addresses the gradual process of switching from relying on sugar as your primary body fuel to burning fat, to help you get a greater chance for success.
The Sugar Impact Scale: Looking at Sugar from a Whole New Way
First, weight yourself and measure your waist to hip ratio and make it your starting point. The next step is to initial inventory of all the hidden sugars you’re not aware of consuming in your diet.
To do this, you have to read all the labels of the foods you eat. Don’t leave items you thought doesn’t contain sugar such as sauces, condiments, marinades, and so on. JJ list all the places sugars hide in your meals and beverages in her book. The result of creating what she calls Sugar Impact Scales helps her to looking at sugars from a whole new way.
So are the basic symptoms people experience as a result of having high – sugar impact? To name a fee there are gas and bloating because sugar feeds fungi, yeast, and detrimental bacteria in your stomach. You can also experience other symptoms like headaches, fatigue, joint pain, weight loss resistance and sugar craving.
You can get a picture of how sugar impacts your body by tracking your waist, hip, and weight and also examine yourself for the above symptoms. Also track your progress to retrain your body to produce energy from burning fat instead of consuming sugar.
Sugar Impact Diet in Three Cycles
In the first cycle, you will switch from high sugar impact food to medium sugar impact food. In this cycle you also need to schedule our meal and set a two hours break period for eating. By doing this, you stretch the time between meals in order to prevent insulin spikes. By the end of the first cycle, retest yourself on the sugar impact quiz to see your progress.
If everything goes as planned, you will start to feel your symptoms alleviate. Then you can start to move on to cycle two. Within this period, you will reset your taste bud and renew your sugar sensitivity or the ability to taste the sweetness of a food.
Those who have tried the program mostly are successful in shifting from burning sugar to burning fat as a source to produce energy in a couple of weeks. If you’re seriously leptin / insulin resistant, this process may take longer.
Now in the third cycle of the program, you begin to challenge yourself by reintroducing some of the high and medium sugar impact food. Most people will feel overwhelmed by the sweetness or the high – sugar food may cause them to feel bloated. So after going through the three cycle, your body will refuse to go back to feeling horrible after it felt really great. What interesting is, sour taste can also reduce sweet craving.
Alternative for Healthy Snacks
One of my favorite snack food which is nuts are also great to satisfy a sudden hunger. However as JJ warns, though nuts do contain healthy fats, they tend to be in high calories too. So you need to keep the consumption moderate. Another alternative for healthy snacks is dehydrated kale chips and Roasted Brussels Sprouts
The Last Important Thing – Maintenance Phase
Nowadays, almost everyone burning sugar as their primary fuel. You can see if you’re one of them by doing a simple observation. If you feel hungry every two hours, then you are burning sugar. Sugar is fast burning and your hunger indicates that your body needs to be refueled.
If you rely on far burning as your source of energy, your satiety can last for five to six hours since fat is a slow burning fuel. You can also eliminate sugar craving once you’re burning fat instead of sugar.
However, though most people might find success with this program, how long will it last? How long can you maintain this eating habit? How to successfully maintain this dietary habit?
To maintain this dietary habit, JJ recommend to do high intensity interval type exercise rather than endurance training. She did it for a good reason. When it comes to weight loss, endurance training has never been considered as the most effective form of exercise. While for high intensity exercise, though it’s not actually related to calories burning, this type of exercise create metabolic changes that promote health and muscles growth and at the same time boosting fat burning.
Endurance exercise will not help you experience this metabolic changes. She also advice to exercise in fasted state because it helps restore, repair, and rejuvenate your muscle tissues. There’s also a contradictive approach that advices to load carbs and protein before and after exercise.
If you’re confused about which to follow, you can take JJ advice and experiment to see which one works best for you. After all, it all depend on your fitness level and weight loss goals.
More Information about Weight Loss
If you’re been trying to cut calories but still eating foods like pasteurized dairy gluten, and process fructose and failed to lose weight the problem is not because of insufficient calorie restriction. But because you still consume wrong foods, though in smaller amount. Viewing foods as information will help you to understand how certain foods, like fructose instruct your body to keep fat and not letting any of it go.
What you consume makes a lot of difference. To successfully losing weight, the most important thing you have to remember is to switch your body from burning sugar to burning fat as a source of it energy. In the process of doing this, it is also important to cut down the intake of fructose-laden foods
One of the most important thing you can learn is that you can train your body to produce energy by burning fat instead of burning sugar which can also eliminate sugar craving.

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