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Monday, August 8, 2016

On Trump Banning The Philippines

He has yet to undergo more briefings from the FBI and CIA about the true state of global radical Islamic terrorism, at least according to Obama.
Obviously they’re going to tell him that the Philippines terrorism issue is only confined to ARMM, and only political rebellions, such as the New Peoples Army, exist outside that region, and that the country plays a key role in keeping China at bay. You could say that a regular Filipino could tell him that, but he’d be just as reliable as a “refugee” claiming he comes in peace. You may be shocked but this is a logical reaction. The Philippines does have an ISIS branch, and if let’s say Trump does ban countries like Nigeria, Syria, Pakistan, etc. with uniform radical Islamic terrorism problems, the main ISIS will just ship their assholes to the Philippines and continue to do their shit by destabilizing the country, and eventually entering the US as “Filipinos” so as to continue doing their shit there. Remember, Trump has suggested to also ban a number of European countries, such as Germany and France, due to rampant terrorism by the “refugees”, especially if they continue to increase at this rate from having an attack every day, to having one every hour.
trump-bannedIf the Philippines doesn’t want to get the ban hammer, you must take your current terrorism, and growing ISIS problem just as seriously as your drug problem. Your country is primed and ready to be used as a conduit by ISIS as a last resort if their main areas fall. Even if Trump still bans the country just to be safe, a Trump presidency is still in your best interest because no country can ever truly prosper with the evils of radical Islam, political correctness, cultural Marxism and the global economic, social, political elite led by George Soros to ever let loose.
You can’t have the TPP sending people to jail for downloading stuff off the Internet, nor can you allow global corporations to dictate your government. You cannot allow your fears of offending someone to hinder a genuine discussion on terrorism or deciding to hire someone based on their merits. No one, except leftists, terrorists and the elite, should be scared of a Trump presidency because it is your opportunity to shine as an independent nation in the global stage since you are free of the chains of the West, especially if Trump decides to go full isolationist in a worst-case scenario.
Since the US doesn’t need other countries to prosper, everybody can do the same as well if they put their own needs first and make the most of their national resources and talent. Which is a direction you’re are heading, in so far at least according to the latest State Of The Nation Address.

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