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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hypocrisy of Philippines' "disente" crowd exposed by President Rodrigo Duterte

The problem with the "disente" crowd (i.e. Mar Roxas, Risa Hontiveros, Winnie Monsod, wannabe hangers-on like Leni Robredo and Leila de Lima etc) and their oligarch backers is that they only care about themselves and about appearances.

Notice how the words they use to criticize Duterte like "unpresidential" and "foul-mouthed" are all premised on some form of pakitang-tao. It's like they don't care that the guy has cut processing times at government offices, given OFWs a one-stop shop, significantly lowered the crime rate after less than 2 months in office. They just fixate on how he talks, his broken English, his bombastic demeanor, and fret "oh, what will the world think of us?"

Mas importante pa ba ang iniisip ng UN at ng mga ambassador at mga foreign media kaysa opinyon at kapakanan ng mamamayang Pilipino?

Even the very use of the word "disente" by this oligarch-backed group as their tagline reeks of condescension and disdain for the ordinary Filipino.

But doesn't the "disente" crowd also work with the NGOs and the poor, you might ask. Yes, they do, and they do it out of self-interest and to feel good about themselves (plus tax breaks). These "disente" folk engage with the masses to indulge their imagined sense of noblesse oblige. They feel superior when they "help" the poor. The ones in government positions do it to build up a base for the next elections.

The yellows always want to stay in power because they think it is their entitlement. They think the presidency of the Philippines is part of their family inheritance, along with properties, cars, paintings, and jewelry. Para sa kanila, monarchy ang Pilipinas, at sila ang royal family.

Now here comes Duterte, an outsider who doesn't pander to the "disente" crowd and focuses more on the ordinary Filipino, disrupting all that. The "disente" crowd can't stand him because he has exposed their hypocrisy and woken up the masses, so now the masses are not as easy to manipulate.

The man has his flaws, plenty of them (for one, he should stop those excruciating live press conferences), but even the "disente" crowd can't dispute that his heart is in the right place and he has the balls to do what needs to be done.

So, to the "disente" crowd, leave him alone so he can do his job. Pasalamat kayo that there is a president like him who is willing and able to clean up the mess you yellows left behind. The most "disente" thing you people can do at this point is to shut up and stop stirring up issues where there are none. EJK ng EJK kayo diyan (extra judicial killings). Alam niyo naman na mga drug lord yan na nag-uubusan. Kailangan niyo lang talaga ng issue.

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