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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Leila’s Dilemma: To Lie or To Hide

July 31, 2016
by zaxx
Bilibid or not! The national penitentiary (the “New” Bilibid Prison) at the heart of Imperial Manila, the supposedly most secure (i.e., MAXIMUM security) facility on the face of the republic for incarcerating the worst criminals in this corner of the planet and thereby ensuring the public these scumbags CAN NEVER EVER cause any more trouble in Philippine society again, had become the Command Center of the top drug lords of the country under the watch of then Justice Secretary and Noynoy’s trusted appointee… newly elected senator Leila De Lima.
The series of videos below shows damning evidence proving the culpability of this woman, which eats at the very foundations of her integrity and competence for public service.  Sit down, relax and enjoy the show – as usual totally appalling comedy that can only be made possible in a country overrun by dysfunctional idiots.
It can only take a President like Rody Duterte who has the political will, valor and basic common sense to go up against these dark forces (such as this woman), in order to dismantle the complex drug network in the country, which had only flourished practically unhampered by the previous administration’s incompetent lineup of Noynoy-hand-picked bozos.
The videos speak for themselves, so I will no longer reiterate the details. The point is to make the woman behind this unbelievable fiasco answer for all this mess. At this point, Leila De Lima has two choices: To continue to LIE andsing LALA to cover her naked exposed ass and assume all is well, or to start hiding like the rest of the generals, congressmen and mayors who have been bribery-bought protectors of these drug syndicates all these years.
My advise to Leila De Lima: tama na panloloko mo ng taong bayan, magtago ka na sa DILIM.

Note: Herbert Colanco who you see going “elbow-to-elbow” with De Lima in the formal gathering in video #1 is one of the top 3 drug lords (video #3) that had been operating their command center and enjoying first-class accommodations in the national penitentiary. Credit goes to all the video posters and network news agencies for the above exposés.

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