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Tuesday, August 30, 2016



I am writing this in behalf of the 16 million Filipinos who voted for Rodrigo Duterte as the President of the Philippine Republic. First of all, we voted this so called “Punisher” because we believe that he is the only candidate capable of implementing the law in our crime-ridden country.

Philippines is a haven for drug syndicates for so many years. It is a common knowledge in the community that the law enforcers and politicians cuddle these influential drug personalities. It is primarily because of greediness for money and power, while some keep their mouth shut because of fear. As soon as Duterte took his oath, the Philippine National Police immediately took the streets like wolves searching for prey. They also provided the people with the names of politicians and police officers who are allegedly involved in the drug trade. Community leaders cooperate with the cops by handling out the list of suspected drug users and dealers in their respective territories. It is then followed by house-to-house visits by the law enforcers to have a dialogue with these suspected drug personalities asking them to surrender or stop their illegal activities. As a result, over 600,000 Filipinos stormed gymnasiums for a mass surrender. This was achieved because drug personalities were aware that the new government is serious with its campaign. However, not all who surrendered were serious. A lot of them are still using and selling drugs as expected. Police are still busy in getting rid of these personalities, knowing that a lot of them went back to their usual ways. Most of them were arrested, while some resisted prompting the cops to defend themselves.

“It will be bloody”, Duterte said pertaining to his drug war. We ordinary Filipinos obviously knew that this is how it should be. Why? Some of these criminals will rather fight to death than turn themselves in. The cops only have two choices, it's either to kill or to get killed.  Almost 2 months since the campaign started, over 1000 drug personalities were reported killed. We can see it in the news every day and we applaud the government for its effective drug campaign. Some people around the globe are surprised why we appreciate this drug war. All I can say is, we are hopeless. Duterte defeated the most powerful presidential candidate under the previous administration because the people are hopeless. We are hopeless because we can’t trust the politicians and the police anymore. We are hopeless because the Philippines is turning into a narco-nation. We are hopeless because law abiding and innocent citizens suffer the consequences. We are hopeless because innocent deaths pile up due to meth-addicted criminals. We are hopeless because we feel unsafe. We are hopeless because no one cares to save the nation. We put Duterte in power because we believe that he can lift our hopes up high.

Now that the drug war is gaining momentum, some people want to slow it down. But before this, I want you all to know that the Philippines has a lot of corrupt politicians up to this date. Duterte presidency means problem for these greedy politicians. Politics in our nation means money, power and influence. That is why some of them kill just to take the post. In addition to this, anti-Duterte parties want to kick the president out of his post, and to do so they will destroy his image through his drug campaign. They are influential, they are rich, they can always put a price to seal the deal, and they can control everything. The media, the right groups, the people’s mind.

We all know how the media do the works. With all due respect to the good ones, a lot of them use biased reporting. In this drug campaign, they always publish the downsides. They even twist the headlines to make it look unappealing for the readers. The international media is also riding this hypocrisy. Many of us watched their news and we are totally upset about their unfair judgment and reporting. We are shaking our heads knowing that there is something wrong. Why don’t you ask the ordinary citizens about what is really happening? It was like hiding the truth behind the war in the Middle East. Then there is the Human Rights, oh come on we are sick and tired of this organization. This organization is obviously designed for the welfare of the criminals. They are a bunch of hypocrites and ignorants. Duterte is getting rid of these hoodlums for the welfare of his citizens yet they keep on whining. Human rights, have you conducted investigations or make a worldwide issue about what was happening in the United States where unarmed civilians were shot to death in front of a camera? Have you ever sanctioned the Coalition Forces who keeps on blowing civilian infested areas in Syria and Iraq? Did you ask Israel to stop bombing Palestine? How about the slaughtering of Christians in Nigeria? Did you put a finger towards Russia’s anti-gay campaign? Have you asked China to clean its environment to save its population? Did you mess with North Korea? Where were you during massacres here in the Philippines? Have you heard of Hacienda Luisita and Maguindanao massacres? Have you showed interest in solving the deaths of 44 Special Action Force members of the Philippine National Police? Did you make an issue about the controversial funds during typhoon Haiyan? I never heard your organization showing concern about the rape and murder cases perpetrated by drug addicts.

Stop with this hypocrisy and ignorance. We ordinary Filipinos support Duterte’s drug war. It is a matter of life and death for us. We want a better future for our children. We will never be a narco-nation. We will be enjoying this safe and peaceful nation very soon.


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