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Monday, August 8, 2016

Arguing With Those Who Are Anti-Duterte Is Pointless

RaffyAfter debating with several Anti-Duterte recently, it was four of them vs. me alone, I realized that there is no point reasoning with an Anti-Duterte the same way you cannot reason with a Pro-Aquino.
They see Duterte as a promulgator of vigilantism, extra judicial killings and someone who believes himself to be above the law. Whenever I tried to present the positive outcomes of the current War on Drugs they always have a reason why I shouldn’t believe the good things that are happening in the country right now. They even dismissed the 50% drop in the crime rate within Metro Manila as a bad thing because according to them, “the end doesn’t justify the means.” They believe President Duterte is actually happy about the death of only the poor people and the vilifying of only those who cannot afford a good lawyer. They keep insisting that the War on Drugs has taken its toll only the poor Filipinos and not the ones who are rich.
Anti-Duterte liturgists and evangelists harp on the lawlessness and lack of human rights in the “mounting number of extra judicial killings” without truly understanding how bad the current drug menace of the Philippines really is. This said, that will be the last time I’m going to waste air with people who believe they have the answers but can only present blanket statements that cannot be taken into an actual action plan. They insist that the police observe the protocols of due process when arresting a drug pusher or drug abuser but none of them have ever been in an actual situation where your life is at risk when you’re apprehending drug syndicates.
Flame me, hate me and even condemn me because again you will say that justice can only be served through the due process, but I tell you Duterte haters you are either stupid or blind to what these drug syndicates are capable of doing. Let’s just say that the PNP follows your advice and tries to reason with these drug syndicates before arresting them? What will you then say when in the next few weeks, hundreds of policemen and military personnel are dead? That the PNP and AFP are weak and cannot do their job well? No. You pretend to know what the drug menace is like but are clueless as to what happens within these drug rings. Actually you can watch movies on drug syndicates and realize what they are capable of doing. You then want the Duterte Administration to catch the biggest fish (the drug lords and head of the syndicates) first. Even President Duterte and the entire PNP and AFP will need some time to make that happen. This noble and idealistic desire of yours again comes as though you have even the most fundamental understanding of how these drug syndicates operate. Your wanting a drug lord’s head on a silver plate is not as easy as you think.
This is the last post and comment I will ever make on Anti-Duterte unless someone provokes me enough where I am compelled to prove how little you understand (but maybe I will still not engage you because it’s just an utter waste of time anyways). The last 30 years since EDSA 86 caused this country to plunge ever deeper into hell. The last administration almost sealed the doors of this hell so that we might never escape it (buti na lang hindi nanalo si Mar Roxas). Otherwise we won’t have to die to go to hell. You want President Duterte to make miracles and pull us right out of this very deep hole the last five administrations left behind right? Then be part of the solution. Get out of your comfortable chairs posting those useless tirades on Facebook. Go to Malacanang and tell President Duterte to his face that the PNP and he himself must follow the law. Or start an organization that will rise up against these extra judicial killings you are so upset about.
Why don’t you join De Lima and the Human Rights Commission in their stance against these deaths? (Oh, I forgot most of you hate De Lima as well…) To my fellow Pro-Duterte: Let us keep encouraging the President to do through whatever means and ways necessary to get this country back on its feet. Thirty years is a damn long time to be stuck in. So many Filipinos have suffered. It’s time to get back on track no matter what the cost. Sadly, there is currently no other way. Let’s trust that the government will act quickly so this doesn’t have to drag on for long.
Mabuhay po tayong lahat.
Originally written by: Raffy Gutierrez

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