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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Outrage over Leni Robredo's fraudulent Vice Presidency prevails among ordinary Filipinos!

To those who say Leni Robredo is the legally recognized VP, please think about this — legally recognized by whom? By the yellow officials who installed her through illicit means? By the dwindling band of yellow fanatics who turned up at Luneta last weekend? Go out to the streets. Talk to the jeepney drivers, taxi drivers, vendors, commuters, etc. Talk to the real people expressing their disgust and disbelief in forums, facebook, etc. The outrage is everywhere, expressed several times a day, everyday, in the Philippines and among the OFWs. Robredo can be sworn in a thousand times by Drilon and Belmonte, declared "winner" a million times by Andres Bautista, "legalized" a billion times by Sereno, and congratulated a trillion times by the US and other ambassadors, but majority of the Filipino people STILL won't believe she's legit.

Also, think about this: had Escudero or Cayetano been declared winner for VP, do you think there would be this kind of outrage? No. Not even from Marcos loyalists. People would be okay with it. Why? Because this is not about the Marcoses. It's about THE CHEATING. The cheating that was done to install a fake VP so that Plan B vs Duterte could be put into action.

Now, was Robredo an innocent pawn in all this? At first, I thought she was. I thought she was just a clueless neophyte probinsyana politico who got plucked out of nowhere because the LP needed someone who could be packaged into a pseudo-Grace Poe after Poe refused to run for VP under LP. But look at Robredo now, how she keeps dismissing all the election anomalies like they were nothing. Like it doesn't matter that there was a fourth server that no one knew about. Like it doesn't matter that she got way more than 50% of the votes in places where most people had never heard of her just 3-4 months before the election. If she was a true selfless, honorable person who cared about the greater good of the Filipino nation, she would be lobbying for an audit as much as the Marcos camp.

This is beyond Marcos and Robredo. The integrity of our electoral process is at stake here. Plus, nakakahiya di ba, para sa taong may hiya, to occupy a position that you may not actually be entitled to, especially with all the irregularities that have come out. But no. Robredo is totally caught up in her newfound fame, strutting around in fancy clothes and holding press conferences right and left with an official seal and Philippine flag like she is more important than the president himself. She even looks different from how she looked two months ago. Her hair and face look like they've been lightened. She looks more and more like Vicki Belo everyday because of the makeup and hair. I suppose this is what happens when a person who is nothing more than a media creation spends too much time with socialites, preening for the cameras.

It is so ironic, because the real socialite, Gina Lopez, the one who doesn't even have to try, is just in jeans most of the time and has been working much harder than Robredo, and has delivered far better results. Also, Gina Lopez, whose father directly suffered under Marcos, has done the proper thing as a Cabinet member and kept silent about the burial (non)-issue because, whether we agree with it or not, this is the president's prerogative and it has basis in law and all the people who voted for Duterte already knew that he was willing to bury Marcos in LNB when they voted for him.

There you go. I would like you to know that I normally do not comment on blogs and articles like this. But, just like many others, Robredo's fakery has disgusted me to a point where I feel like I'm going to burst if I don't say something.

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