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Saturday, January 14, 2017

UST alumnus: More headlines given to non-performing VP than Du30 accomplishments

“Never in the colorful history of this country have we witnessed an idle and non-performing Vice President be given so much attention, space and image build up by a supposedly objective and neutral mass media.”
University of Sto. Tomas alumnus Mark Lopez questioned why there is more media exposure allotted for the statements of Vice President Leni Robredo than the achievements of President Rodrigo Duterte.
He listed down the headlines for Robredo:
“Robredo Disinvited in Vin D’Honneur”, “Robredo: am not part of ouster plot”,”Robredo warns Duterte on threat to mayors”, “Robredo: Don’t mind the trolls; Just fulfill my mandate”, “Robredo has high trust rating” (despite significant drop).
He said all these topics are unimportant and irrelevant but covered extensively by mainstream media.
Meanwhile he said news about the recent SSS pension increase, salary increase for teachers, policemen and soldiers, plan to build more rehab centers, Duterte’s consistent approval rating first, his first Vin D’Honneur, his being awarded as the Asian Person of the Year and the expected increase in foreign investments are all being left out in the media.
He said these issues should be trending for their importance.
“So tell me my dear fellow Filipinos, is it really me trolling, or is there really a despicable and brazen attempt to divide this country and sow intrigue and confusion, not only by media, but by loser elitists and the upper echelon, academe and church because all their power, influence and stranglehold on our benighted nation are severely threatened?” he said.
“Should we continue to let these traitors, greedy oligarchs and their social climbingminionschoke us and the future of our country? Or should we stand behind our current leadership, and fight for our motherland?” he added.
SOURCE: Mark Lopez

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