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Friday, January 13, 2017

LeniLeaks and LeniLies, so LeniLeave

By Carlos Munda

There is something wrong with alleged vice president Leni Robredo. Seriously wrong. Either she is so motherfucking dense that she cannot grasp how stupid she sounds with all her denials, or she thinks Filipinos are just too dumb to see past it.
Her idiotic excuses for not being able to personally be in Bicol to commiserate with her kababayans during typhoon Nina – first the trip was planned a year in advance, then she was busy coordinating relief efforts from New York City, and finally she couldn’t book plane tickets back – show a pattern of deception that is frankly, getting to be irritating. Irritating not so much because she is being duplicitous, but more because she doesn’t even bother to be clever about it. She just spouts whatever inanity comes into that empty head of hers and leaves the rest to her hapless PR team.
Case in point was her interview with CNN Philippines where she effortlessly glides from one lie to another in a an amazing display of Trapo skills, made even more astonishing coming as it does from someone who is supposed to be as politically pristine and virginal as Leni.
Asked about her involvement with the revelations made by Thinking Pinoy and Sass Sasot (#LeniLeaks), Leni deftly sidesteps the issue by “feigning” ignorance, “Na-memention daw ang pangalan ko pero hindi ako kabahagi nung grupong iyon. Mayroon din daw e-mails na nag-cicirculate, wala. Hindi rin ako kabahagi doon,” Robredo said. [I was told my name was mentioned, but I’m not part of that group. They said there were emails circulating, but there’s none. I’m also not part of that thread.”
Oh dear Leni, don’t you get it – someone from your office has been emailing people instructions on how to attack several private citizens for are calling you out. Even without the conspiracy theories and the oust Duterte issue, do you seriously not see anything wrong with this?
“Cocaine addict, fake diploma, did not graduate from college, SANDRO IS STUPID” – and you have the gall to say that those attacking you are trolls? Are you so fucking convinced of your own propaganda that you really believe that anyone who disagrees with you must have been paid? What thick scales you must have on your eyes not to see the anger people feel towards you and your party. If there’s one thing your team is good at, it is in insulating you from reality.
And as if this wasn’t enough, you even to try and play as for fools by pretending that you haven’t spoken to Loida Lewis recently. “Nakausap ko po (si Loida Lewis) napakatagal nang panahon. Hindi ko po alam kung before the campaign or during the campaign, before po yata; before the campaign. Isa po siya sa sumuporta sa akin noong kumandidato ako bilang Congressman, dahil taga-doon po siya sa amin sa Bicol.”
Really Leni, this is what you’re going with? One of your most vocal and prominent – not to say richest – supporters, a woman who called for the President to step down so that you can take over, and who is giving out her secretary’s number for those who want to help in your legal defense – you expect us to believe that you have not spoken to her since you assumed office?
Did you also forget that you were with her when you Keynoted the 12th National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) Empowerment Conference in Philadelphia in August last year? Ano yan, hindi man lang sya nag hi sa yo? After campaigning heavily for you and that Mar Roxas guy, she didn’t even come over to congratulate you? Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit.
Then you act all vague when you try to downplay your relationship with Loida, but then you have your photo with her on your official social media account. What the hell is that? Sabihin nyo fake na naman? Look Leni, if you really can’t help lying, I would thank you to show us a little bit more respect and be creative about it. Hindi yung maski paps na lang. Nakaka insulto ka eh.

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