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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Leila de Lima is the patron saint of drug lords

  • My blood boils when I see these pictures of drug lords and criminals living like kings while inside prison, and then I hear that idiot Leila de Lima talking about how she will “keep an eye on Duterte.”

  • Keep an eye on the President, when you could not even watch over the prisoners under your jurisdiction? By what moral right do you even suggest that you can be a proper guardian of the people’s welfare? Maybe the euphoria of getting into the Senate by the skin of your teeth has made you high — like the victims of the drug lords you coddled.

  • This Leila de Lima is no better fit to be a fiscalizer than a fox is to guard a henhouse. As far as you have shown, the only people to benefit from your protection are your political masters and the criminals that are said to have financed your campaign. And damn the rest of the country.

  • Have you ever thought about all the lives that were destroyed, families broken, and dreams abandoned because you allowed those criminals to thrive under you? Do you sleep well at night knowing that you failed your country? How do you explain to your friends and family — let alone to yourself — that you are not a fraud and a failure as a public official?

  • As to your threat to the President, do not presume that you are doing the Filipinos a favor. You are deluded if you believe that they, too, would join you on the side of the drug lords and criminals. Duterte’s promise to clean up the Philippines is what the people have been waiting for. And no amount of ranting and raving from idiots like you is going to derail that.

  • http://mindanation.com/1805/leila-de-lima-patron-saint-drug-lords/

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