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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How Leni lies about #LeniLeaks

Well, now that the #Lenileaks are out, we know what really went on with this photo.

As one of the leaked emails said, “It doesn’t have to be true, it just needs to look like that.”

The mainstream media, especially Inquirer and Rappler, are hopelessly compromised. No one believes them anymore. The more they lied, the more they destroyed their credibility.

Lying only works if the person you’re lying to knows less than you. Take Leni Robredo’s alibis on #Lenileaks, for example.

First, her office pretended it wasn’t happening and refused to give a reaction. Big mistake, because hordes of people already saw the emails and the issue was already trending on Twitter.

Next, her office claimed the emails were fake. Wrong again, because people already saw the cached messages on BOTH the Yahoo and Google search engines.

Next, her spokesperson claimed the Yahoo group was a public group, therefore it had nothing to hide. Fail again, because people already saw that the Yahoo group was switched to private after it was exposed.

Then, Robredo denied she was close to Loida Lewis and claimed they haven’t communicated since 2013. This was really dumb, considering one of the most talked about messages in the leaks was Loida’s email instructing someone to call her office in the US to help with Robredo’s legal defense against Bongbong Marcos.

Hay naku. As my dad says, Leni’s eyes might be bigger than her brain.

But she sure can act. Buking na buking na, nagsisinungaling pa rin. Parang si Leila de Lima.

#Lenileaks is taking down the mainstream media along with Leni Robredo and Loida Lewis. A whole shipload of yellows is sinking in just one storm. The more they lie, the dumber they look.

The moral lesson: don’t lie unless you’re absolutely sure you can get away with it.

As for the small fraction of the mainstream media that still has some credibility left, like Manila Bulletin, I hope you can see what an opportunity this is for you.

#Lenileaks has a lot of valuable factual information. Go through it, and do honest, non-jaundiced reporting on the contents.

Don’t just report Robredo’s generic denials. Show what was written in the emails. Show how they planned to turn the anti-Marcos protests into an oust-Duterte movement. Investigate the true link between Loida Lewis and Leni Robredo. Get the truth out there. If you do this right, you’ll be the number one news website in the Philippines in a matter of weeks.

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